Winter Running Gear: Ideal Wear At Every Temperature


I often change my workout training style to keep the boredom away. One day I thought of running in the winter. The first thing that I need for it is the right kind of winter gear. You must have winter wear that you will make you comfortable in the chilling cold. The warm winter running gear will not work at a lower temperature.

It is better to have different clothes to suit every temperature range. This is definitely not a mandatory one, but I am recommending this to enjoy both the winter and your training sessions. I feel comfortable with a set of gears at every 5-degree difference. You may not require more if you have a clear idea of the temperature range in your area.

Winter Running Gear: Ideal Wear At Every Temperature
Winter Running Gear: Ideal Wear At Every Temperature

Your physical condition and tendency to be affected by cold will also determine which type of clothes suit you. I don’t think too warm winter wear will help run. Choose clothes such that you will not sweat much while running.

My biggest challenge while running is to keep my toes and feet warm. Toe warmer is my savior in this situation.

Here, the most common winter running gears are discussed. This is to give a variety of choices to pick that you need. Among the below-mentioned clothing, you might have some already in your winter collection.

What Will You Choose If You Are Running Hard Or Working Out In Winter?

Choose clothes for the 5 to 10 F warmer than the actual temperature since you will feel warm while running or exercising. But if you do only light warm-ups, choose the clothes suitable for the actual temperature. You have to take your layers off if you do hardcore workouts after that.

What Is The Ideal Winter Running Gear In The Windy Winter? 

Choose clothes for 5 to 10 F colder than the actual temperature in this scenario. The wind will make you feel colder.

For instance, dress for the 45 F if the temperature is 50 to 55 F in practice.

If there is wind, try to run first. This hard workout will suit your layers for colder temperatures.

What Should You Wear In The Rain In Winter?

The first thing that will come to face the rain boldly is a waterproof jacket. But it often causes sweat as the fabric used will not allow your skin to breathe.

But now, many comfortable fabrics are coming up, keeping the expectations of the customers in mind.

With the jacket, I’ll recommend wearing a hat too to keep the rainwater away from your eyes.

Winter Running Gear: Ideal Wear At Every Temperature
Winter Running Gear: Ideal Wear At Every Temperature

50 Degree F, I.E., 10 Degrees C

  • Long-sleeved shirt of thin, comfortable material so that you won’t sweat
  • Short you feel comfortable at
  • Moisture preventive socks
  • I will recommend headbands especially for the women

45 Degrees F Or 7 Degrees C

  • A little thicker shirt with long sleeves
  • Capris or split shorts
  • Moisture-wicking socks
  • Running shoes
  • Hat

40 Degrees F Or 4 Degrees C

  • A long sleeve t-shirt with medium thickness with a windproof outer layer
  • Capris for women and pants for men
  • Headband
  • Light gloves