Why Should you Meditate After Running Exercise

Meditate after running exercise

Many of us decide to exercise regularly for better health, better body and overall fitness. But some people combine meditation with exercise. Is it helpful? Well, the answer to this is yes! Combining exercise with meditation gives you an overall better health and more impactful benefits. Let us see why you should meditate after exercise.

Meditation after Running Exercise can Enhance Muscle Building

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While many of you know that exercise helps you build muscles. You get toned, defined and bigger muscles if you do the right strength training and weight lifting exercises. But if you meditate after exercising, you will find stress-relief and better stamina. Meditation also helps to balance your GH hormones which are necessary for muscle building. According to a study, men who meditated after exercise, produced more growth hormone than their peers who did not meditate after exercise. If you combine meditation with exercise, you will build muscles faster. 

Meditation Helps the Body to Recover after Running Exercise

The body needs to recover after exercise. Regardless of the intensity of the work out, the muscles need to relax else there might be an injury. This ancient practice helps one stay calm and also improves the ability to concentrate and focus on a particular exercise. It has positive effects on the nervous system. All these factors help in better recovery. Meditation also trains the mind just like physical exercise trains the body. It allows the mind to deal with pain more effectively. It teaches one not to focus on pain and also reduces the intensity of pain. If the body gets proper recovery after each work out, a person can work out better day after day, thus achieving his goals faster.

3 Main Benefits of Meditating after Workout

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  • Reduced Cortisol

Although exercise is always good for the body, it also puts your system through enormous stress. Whenever the body is stressed, it produces more cortisol. This hormone is extremely useful in the body in low levels. It improves the mood, protects your cells against stress an also assists fat loss. But too much cortisol brings a signal of danger for the body. Instead of burning fat, the body interprets this increased amount of cortisol as a sign of danger. As a result, the person feels mentally clouded and the immune system also takes a toll. 

  • Reduced Pain

Pain is accompanied by an emotional component. Theoretically speaking, the mind should be able to grant you control over any pain you feel. Even opioids reduced pain because they are common painkillers. Post-workout meditation can help reduce the feelings of pain that the body feels after an intense work out. 

  • Improved Recovery

Meditation brings your cortisol levels under control and also manages your pain naturally. The body can then focus only on recovery after exercise. Pain, inflammation and stress all get out of the way and help the body to recover easily. Once the body fully recovers, it can make your workout more effective the next day, making it easier and quicker for you to achieve your goals.

Final Verdict

The combined approach of exercise and meditation supports the overall health and also maximizes the results from your exercise. It helps in stress management, muscle building, prostate health and better mood. 

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