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On runners/ on the road is a common term used in Estonia, but has been recently introduced also to Latvia. Usually, it refers to elderly people who, while they are out for a walk, don’t want to let go of their dogs and attach tags with their phone numbers onto the dog’s collars. Mostly this is done by middle-aged women, who are in their best age to take care of dogs.

Running With Pet Dog

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On runners are especially common when spring has come and people go out for walks with their dogs more often, but they do not have time or strength to walk long distances. That is why on-runners usually stick close to the house. They don’t run much further than to the bus stop or shopping center.

Runners are not counted among people who go jogging ( joists), but it is possible for them to do so sometimes if they happen to be near the designated place for runners.

Runners are usually well aware of the fact that not everyone likes to have dogs nearby while they are jogging, but even in this case, runners do not attach dog leads to their collars. Runners find it very important that their dogs get to run free and stretch their legs because that is why they are taken out for a walk in the first place!

And even though runners have dogs with them, it is not considered to be enough reason to interfere with them. For example, if you are jogging and see that there is an elderly couple walking along your running route with their five dogs, you should choose another way or wait patiently, because it is their right to walk where they want.

Thus, runners are harmless people who can create inconvenience for runners but don’t deserve any bad treatment.

Runners’ attitude towards on-runners may vary – some find them totally unnecessary and annoying, while others get along just fine with them. However, whether you like them or not, it is important to know that on-runners are just people who want to care for their dogs and take them out for walks.

If you find yourself jogging across an old man with ten dogs at the same time every day, maybe it’s better to choose another route than to stop jogging? But even in this case, you should not show your negative attitude towards runners. Runners are out walking with their dogs to get some fresh air – just like you are.

For joggers, jogging is not considered to be a form of healthy pastime – this is why they don’t jog themselves. They know that young people like to do it, but think that it is only an activity for young people. And yet, if you are jogging across them, you should show your respect and attitude towards them.

We can all live together in harmony, even though our interests may not completely overlap sometimes!

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