What's Your Running Challenge Level? Try These Tips And Be Better -

What’s Your Running Challenge Level? Try These Tips And Be Better

A new running challenge arose for me. Treading through websites for ideas on how to set a personal goal was to hit upon the notion of setting the ultimate goal of completing one hundred fifty miles of running.

Setting Personal Running Challenge

There were already several running forums and blogs recommending that this would be an excellent distance to developing speed and quality of performance. The main reason being that the actual distance would be an easy target. I figured if I could do the fifty miles, I should not have any trouble doing the one hundred. In my case, I should be able to keep my running record at fifty miles or better and have no problems maintaining a pace that is within my comfort zone. I felt like the task would be easy and I would get motivated easily.

But, as it turned out, I failed. I set another goal of fifty miles, a third of the distance. It wasn’t long before I started to lose motivation. I started to think that maybe this was not going to be the marathon I always dreamed of.

Stick To The Running Challenge

When I set the new personal challenge, I decided to go with a different method. Instead of finding a new website and writing an article, I went to the site of my old running buddy and mentor, Craig Ballantyne. He had been encouraging me to improve my distance running in recent months. After I had been looking at his running stats for a while, I was surprised to find that he had just finished a marathon. With this, I was more motivated to stick to a goal than I had ever felt.

Craig gave me three ways I could run the distance without stopping. One is to hike a trail that goes all the way around the perimeter of the park. The other two are to ride on a bike and walk to the park. The third is the hardest and would involve a lot of walking and hiking. I didn’t want to risk getting sick because I was so used to staying on a bicycle or running on a treadmill.

What's Your Running Challenge Level? Try These Tips And Be Better
What’s Your Running Challenge Level? Try These Tips And Be Better

So instead of trying to do an easy run, I started to go hiking and then later tried to run a few miles on a treadmill. Then, I went to the park and ran with the intention of using the stairs. to get up and down the incline at a comfortable rate. I soon began to fall behind Craig. When he stopped for lunch, I followed his example and went back to the beginning point.

Try Various Ways In Running Challenge

I continued this pattern and Craig soon caught up to me and challenged me to run a marathon in two weeks time. Since I had been trying to set a personal challenge without difficulty, I kept this goal in my head and did not let the challenge stop me. My goal kept me motivated and focused. I did not allow the challenge to stop me from working at a reasonable pace. Instead, I kept pushing myself by focusing on my goal. I found myself falling behind in my goals for a while until I realized that I must keep going.

So, my running challenge with Craig Ballantyne was to finish the race in two weeks, but not to lose sight of my goal. I had to continue to push myself by focusing on my goal and giving myself the push needed to stay on a good pace even when I am out of breath.

What's Your Running Challenge Level? Try These Tips And Be Better
What’s Your Running Challenge Level? Try These Tips And Be Better

Running without stopping has always been a challenge for me. It was a problem that I solved by learning how to keep moving regardless of my condition. I was also able to keep the distance in mind without becoming too tired.

Wrapping It Up

Craig Ballantyne’s running challenge with me gave me a sense of pride, because the challenge became one I could relate to. I was doing something that actually mattered and I felt good about completing it.

Challenging yourself can be a big part of achieving your goals and improving yourself. But the best part is that if you give yourself a goal, you can keep pushing yourself to make it happen. and it will become easier to meet your goals. and have greater success.

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