Useful Tips For Running Your Best 26.2

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Here you will get everything you need to know to make it the best marathon. Are you going to participate in the marathon this season? And seeking for some valuable tips? Then you are in the right place. We are going to discuss what should be your plan one month before, one week, and even on the day of the event. These tips for running I am going to unfold are going to be your asset if you want to stay in this sport for the long term.

Choose The Shoes

Select the proper shoes and socks. The shoes should be lightweight but heavy duty. Run at least 10 miles before the marathon putting those shoes on to determine whether you are comfortable in it for running or not.

Useful Tips For Running Your Best 26.2
Useful Tips For Running Your Best 26.2

Half Marathon – Effective Tips For Running

Test your fitness one month before the D-day. If you have one month, it will boost you up mentally, provides you some time for rest, and you will get enough time to recover any flaw. Run the half-marathon at a little faster speed than the marathon.

Add Speed Gradually To Your Longest Run

Run the longest when four weeks left. Start a little slower and gradually increase the speed from the third mile and continue this pace for the next two miles. Increase speed at every two miles. By doing this, you will learn how to keep up the effort when you are tired.

Your coach is the best person to teach this as he knows both your strengths and weaknesses.

Mimicry Of The Race – Brilliant Tips For Running

Practice as if you are running the marathon-like up and down the hills if you are in New York City. Run in the plains if you live in Chicago. Running in the plains may seem easier. But mind that you need to use the same muscles throughout. Prepare yourself for that.

For the hilly race, do various runs on your treadmill at different inclinations.

Drink During The Run

Practice sipping on sports drink while running. This will keep you hydrated and energized. Sports drinks are much beneficial than water as it contains fluids, carbohydrates, and electrolytes.

If you don’t want to carry a drink, place bottles in the route.

Tips For Running – Dress Up Properly

Choose running clothes instead of t-shirts. The sports costume will not create any irritation on your skin. Comfort is crucial in any sport to give your best.

Things You Can’t Forget

In the marathon, a pain relief gel, energy bar, long-lasting sunscreen is a must. Throughout the race, you will need this badly.

Useful Tips For Running Your Best 26.2
Useful Tips For Running Your Best 26.2

Be Steady At Your Regular Pace

Don’t try to run faster than you usually do. It may give a temporary gain, but you will get hurt. So, stick to the plan in which you have practiced. Any small changes in the marathon will create a loss, and your performance will be hampered.

Taper -Tips For Running

Don’t increase more than 40% of your peak mileage in a week. The easy run will keep you relaxed, physically, and mentally.

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