Treadmill Training For Marathon- Guide to help you out

marathon training on treadmill

Are you going to run a full or a half marathon and want to start its training? Weather can provide a hindrance in your training process outdoors as too much hot or cold weather can be a big problem while training for a marathon outside and it can sometimes become very problematic for training outside in such conditions. Due to these reasons some people wonder if they can train themselves for a marathon on treadmills. Whether treadmill training will be sufficient to prepare yourself for a marathon? Treadmill training can be a helpful way to train yourself for races but you also need to take a run outside for some miles to prepare yourself completely for the marathon.

Value of Treadmill Training

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  • You can get a good time running form to practise if you train yourself on a treadmill.
  • It will help you to train yourself for marathon mental challenges.
  • Real world training can be best stimulated by mixing your treadmill workouts.
  • You get the option.of setting time intervals for pace training.
  • This training is safer as it is done indoors.

Variety of Treadmill trainings

Variety of treadmills gives you different benefits which are as follows:

  1. Automatic treadmills- It helps you to set a pace and pitch your settings on an electric panel. This treadmill offers speed interval training, Hill interval training, Pyramid Workout and tempo runs.
  2. Manual treadmill- This treadmill is not motorised and you just climb on the belt and start walking. They are limited in terms of providing pace .

Limitations of Treadmill Training

  • The time during which each trainee can spend on the treadmill is limited by some gyms.
  •  Another limitation is that many treadmills only have pitch and speed settings.
  • Treadmills do not provide downhill running experiences which are required for marathon training.
  • When you run outdoors you come across various challenges of balance which you will not experience in a treadmill training.

Treadmill and Outdoor Training should get combined

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You should combine your treadmill training with outdoor training for getting a more wonderful result. If you have a treadmill you can limit your outdoor training if you find that outside weather is too high or low which is going to provide a hindrance in your outdoor training. You should forecast weather for the whole week if the weather outside is too high so that you can set your outdoor training on best weather days but you don’t have control over race day weather so you should try to make your long run outdoors for long distances.


You should always remember about the limitations of using a treadmill so try to use the treadmill for making out the best in marathon or half marathon races. You should always remember to challenge yourself for long outdoor training as well.

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