Top 4 Toughest Ultra-Marathon In The World

Top 4 Toughest Ultra-Marathon in the World

Marathon is becoming quite popular among people. Not only the youngsters but also women, children, and old age group of people don’t stay out of the marathon. Seeing the popularity of marathon, the scope of it is becoming wide gradually. Every marathon beyond 27 miles is known as an ultra-marathon. It ranges from 50 kilometers to 5000 kilometers.

Of course, an ultra-marathon is tougher than a regular marathon. You may face a few common health problems and stress during this human endurance. To make this marathon more exciting, you should try the toughest ultra-marathons in the world.

1. Marathon des Sables

Can you imagine yourself walking through Sahara Desert with limited resources? Wonder! But yes, Marathon des Sables is approx. 156 miles and named as one of the toughest marathons. This marathon journey will last for five to six day.

It began in 1986. And since then, it is growing popularity every year. Not only high temperatures up to 120 degrees but also dust storms and sand storms make it one of the craziest run. It’s not enough. Competitors will have to carry their own resources and starve to survive in the race. However, hosts will provide the supply of water and a tent at night to all runners.

Top 4 Toughest Ultra-Marathon in the World
Top 4 Toughest Ultra-Marathon in the World

2. The Jungle Ultra

Following marathon des Sables, the jungle ultra is approx. One hundred forty-three miles trek challenge through the Peruvian rain forest and national park. This race is perfect for greenery lovers as it contains over 15000 species of plants having more than 250 varieties. It is a truly wild marathon because the path has about 70 river crossings, massive bugs, and sting critters.

You are not supposed to be alone there. As an ultramarathon runner, you will have to carry the weight of your sleeping bag, food, water, and other necessary resources all along the way. The blend of high temperature and humidity will make your journey more challenging. The humidity goes up to 100 percent in this jungle terrain.

3. Bad Water Ultramarathon

Bad Water 135 race is known as the world’s toughest footrace. Since its inception in 1987, it is one of the oldest ultra-marathon. It covers a journey about 135 grueling miles from Death Valley to Mount Whitney. From the starting point Bad Water Basin, competitors will have to pass through three mountain ranges for qualifying the race.

As the name suggests, you will have to face various weather challenges throughout the race. The race is held in July month, being the hottest month of the United States. It offers more than 15000 feet of climbing.

4. Grand to Grand Ultra

The name of this ultra-marathon reveals all! This marathon is even longer than marathon des Sables. In this run, runners will get their finish lines 170 miles away from the starting point. It starts from Grand Canyon in Arizona and ends to Grand Staircase in Utah and contains geographical ups and down.

In this 7 days challenge, runners will have to carry their supply. The hosts will arrange only water refills and tent for runners.

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