Killers Running Exercise

Meta-description: Killer running exercises increase your strength and stamina and can make up a great workout routine every other day. These are three routines that would push you to the edge and get your blood pounding!

Endurance tests and high-intensity workouts are a favourite pastime of exercise enthusiasts. Killer runs are an awesome example of endurance training. They are also great for marathon runners, athletes, and fitness trainers.

Killer runs involve the use of practically all your energy and can push you to the limit.

However, these vigorous sprints make you a faster and stronger runner by strengthening your muscles.

It also decreases the threshold of pain which delays the feeling of pain and helps you endure it for longer.

It also increases your stamina, patience, and endurance

Below are three drills to help you increase your endurance on the field.

1. Classic Runs

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You don’t need to be at the track to have a good run. You can run along a hill or even at the park. Running up a hill is one of the most common killer workout routines. You can do this drill for about 30 minutes nonstop at a particular pace.

You don’t have to run at a very high speed because consistency is what is important here and not speed.

You can also switch it up by running at your highest pace for about 3-5 minutes, resting for about a minute or two, and repeating the run.

This routine will help to build up your stamina and strength.

In the end, you should jog at a slower pace or engage in a brisk walk to cool you down and help you recover.

You can make this routine fun by doing it with friends and fixing a prize for the fastest runner as motivation.

2. Tiny 200’s

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Don’t be deceived by the name of this routine. This set of runs may seem fun at the beginning but can be really tasking as you progress.

It involves sets of 200m-runs with rests in-between. You can do about eight to ten intervals with two or three-minute breaks after every rep.

This routine is meant to be done at your fastest pace. As you go on, the workout may become harder and painful. Therefore, this run helps to build strength and endurance for pain.

3. The intense 800’s

This program involves dividing the total workout into sets that are to be run at different speeds. You can either split it into four 200m sets or at a distance of 300/300/200.

A total of three or four reps can be done depending on your stamina. Also, you should rest for about eight to ten minutes between each rep.

The last one or two sets can be very painful. However, this is a great endurance and strength workout.


The killer running exercises are great workout routines for anyone who wants to enhance their stamina or strength.

They can be really painful but are definitely worth it. Before you start these workouts, you should practice some warm-ups for a few minutes to get your body going. Also, don’t forget to rest between reps and take some days to rest before doing them again.

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