Tips For Newbie Runners

Tips For Newbie Runners

Running is great exercise. It keeps you physically and mentally fit and is a great way to start your day. As newbie runners, you should start walking briskly, gradually progress to jogging, and then start running. And if you are planning to run early in the morning, few things have to be considered as your muscles remain cold after sleeping and your blood pressure levels are low. At first, you might feel stressed up.

Within a few days, you will start noticing the freshness you feel the whole day. A perfect morning walk or night walk can keep your body in complete shape .you can also fight many diseases and have proper body metabolism.

Newbie Runners Tips

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Tips For Newbie Runners

Here are a few tips from most of the runner’s personal experience.

  • Buy a good pair of running shoes. Not just that but any other accessory like a smartwatch, headphone, hydration tools, etc. that makes your experience more comfortable and fun.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Wear clothes that go with the weather.
  • Run with your buddy. Running with someone is always better than running alone. It keeps you motivated and has a synergistic effect.
  • Find a quiet, calm place so that you can enjoy your run.
  • Start small. Starting with 1-2 km and increasing is better than running 5-6 km in a day and then not running for a week.
  • Use an app. There are so many of them available – Run keeper, Endomondo, Runtastic, etc. Helps in tracking your activity.
  • Rehydrate your body adequately and eat well. Take small sips of water or some energy drink while running. You can also take juice or coconut water after your run, which will help in restoring the lost water and electrolytes. If you feel that you find running difficult with each passing day, the chances are that you are not eating enough clean food.
  • Listen to your favorite music. It will keep you going.
  • Be consistent. Exercise every day or every alternate day or twice a week, whatever suits you. But be consistent in that. Do not run every day. Take up one more activity like yoga or strength building and alternate between these activities. Run-strength building-Run-yoga-Run-swimming-rest-Run could be your weekly schedule.
  • Do proper stretches before and afterHelps you avoid those cramps which might occur because of intensive activity.
  • Sleep well: It is during sleep the actual progress takes place. The stretched out muscles are repaired during sleep. So make sure you get your 8 to 9hours of sleep.

2 More Tips

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Tips For Newbie Runners
  • Correct posture: No, compromises here. Watch YouTube videos, read blogs but get your attitude right if you want to avoid injuries and improve your performance
  • Finally experiment. There are no hard and fast rules. Figure out what works best for you. Then jot down your plans. Workout as per your planning. Might increase your enthusiasm.
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