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Three Great Reasons To Run A Marathon

Three Great Reasons To Run A Marathon

You may ask why a lot of runners run a marathon when there are already many other ways of achieving the same thing. Well, it’s pretty simple.

Plan Ahead For Your Next Marathon

Plan Ahead For Your Next Marathon

Your first marathon will be your hardest. After you finish, you will want to talk about it with other marathoners and find out how you did, how you did not do as well as you would have liked, and what you did better than any of your competitors.

Run Marathon PR Essential

Run A Fast Marathon: Pay A Top Athlete to Run With You

If you continue doing repeats upwards to the hill, it will undoubtedly build your conditions as well as the strength.

Reasons To Run A Marathon

6 Reasons To Run A Marathon: Know More

There are so many reasons to run a marathon because there are many people who love to take part in Marathon. Each year they set a new challenge for themselves. For a beginner, even 10km marathon can be really a big challenge but there are people who easily complete 26 km of the marathon. Every […]

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