Stretches That Will Improve Your Body

Stretches That Will Improve Your Body

A lot of people tend to overlook stretches while training their legs. They may think that the basic leg and lower back exercise work fine but for this they need to take a look at how the body works. When we talk about muscles, it means that there are many parts of the body that work together in order to make the body function well. It is these joints, muscles and other tissues that provide flexibility and support for our bodies.

Importance Of Stretches In Body

Stretches That Will Improve Your Body
Stretches That Will Improve Your Body

The functioning of the body starts with the fact that it takes a lot of energy to produce the parts of the body that move and live. This energy is used when we use our own bodies as fuel. One of the reasons why many people do not stretch properly is because the muscles in the body do not have enough flexibility. It needs to be stretched in order to keep the body healthy and to prevent any form of injury.

It is very important to learn about the different types of exercises that can be done so that you can understand which ones are best for you. A lot of people underestimate the role that the hamstrings play in the human body. There are a number of different stretches that are good for the hamstrings and there are a lot of different variations of the exercises that can be done. It is a good idea to perform these stretches before every workout so that the muscles get enough time to rest and restore their shape.

Benefits Of Stretches

Hamstring stretching can be done by simply bending the knees. This can be done with one leg in front of the other or one leg behind the other. Your focus should be on contracting the hamstrings and the calves. Do this for ten seconds to a minute and then hold it for a couple of seconds. Repeat this for thirty times in total.

Another great stretch that can be done with a hand on each leg can be done by laying on your back and stretching the hamstrings. There should be a balance between the legs and the hands should be on top of the heels. You can also start to slowly roll over to the side for the stretch to get deeper.

The knee rotation is another great stretch that can be done by lying on your back and holding the knees up and back. Do this for thirty seconds each side. Then slowly roll forward and keep your head down.

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A great abdominal stretch can be done by lying on your back and bringing the feet up off the floor and onto the thighs. The other leg can then be placed underneath the hands and held up. Do this for ten seconds each side. This should be repeated five times.

Leg curls are great stretches for the legs. Bend the knees slightly and twist your upper body. Hold this position for five seconds and then release it. Repeat the move five times.

Shoulder presses are great stretches for the shoulder muscles. Lie flat on your back with the elbows resting on the chest. Do five reps of a set and then hold for a few seconds.

Side leg raises are great for getting the entire body into an upright position and adding amazing flexibility to the legs. The legs should be straight with the heels placed flat on the floor. Slowly raise up until the thighs touch the shoulders.

Bottom Line

Stretches That Will Improve Your Body
Stretches That Will Improve Your Body

This stretch is great for all the muscles in the lower back, shoulders, and legs. Place the hands on the floor and place the heels on the balls of the feet. Try and keep the lower back in a neutral position by keeping the legs straight.

These are just a few of the stretches that can be done in order to ensure that your body gets some stretching each day. After a while, your body will find its own good spots and start to feel better and more flexible.

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