Stay Safe When Riding Your Bike During The Night Using This Amazing Rechargeable Light!

Riding your bike at night can get scary, without a light to help you see the path ahead. It can result in an accident; you may run into obstacles, people or even vehicles. This goes the same for a night runner without light to clearly see ahead.

Hence, foremarket brings you the solution; a rechargeable light that helps you see while riding at night. The Upgraded USB Chargeable Multipurpose Light has numerous quality features, making it the best available. We discuss why you should get this product.

A traffic light

Pros Of The Upgraded USB Chargeable Multipurpose Light

  • It has multiple uses. It not only protects you from dark places, by lighting the dark areas up, when riding at night. It can be used to run warning lights in addition.

You can also make use of this product for convenient running or while performing other outdoor activities at night. You just strap this product directly across your chest and you’re good to go.

  • Unlike other types, this product is rechargeable with USB. You don’t get scared of running the battery down when riding as you know it can be easily recharged.
  • With a 2200mAh battery capacity, you can be guaranteed long lasting light time. Infact, the product provides up to 10 hours of constant lighting on a single charge.
  • The product contains up to 500 lumen l2 lamp beads. This ensures you have the right amount of lighting to conveniently see while you ride at night. Most other types do not offer that amount of lumen.
  • The Upgraded USB Chargeable Multipurpose Light features IPX5 Water Resistance technology. So you can rest assured that water splashes or rain will do your light no harm. 
  • The product features a 90 degree adjustable beam angle. Therefore, you’re ensured flexibility as you can easily adjust the light avoiding to the chest lamp angle.
  • At just 234 grams, you can easily hold this product on your bike or chest. You also can easily transport this product from one place to another.
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Cons Of The Upgraded USB Chargeable Multipurpose Light

  • Sometimes, holding the product stable on your bike may prove a bit of a hassle. Therefore, the product may swing as you bike, reducing functionality.
  • The IPX5 water resistance technology may not withstand heavy rains for a long time. It may also lose its waterproof ability over time.


How do you ride with convenience at night, with your path getting illuminated as you ride? You should get the Upgraded USB Chargeable Multipurpose Light which offers numerous features geared towards your needs. Don’t miss the opportunity to get this useful product.

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