Some Running Factoids Every Runner Should Know

Some Running Factoids Every Runner Should Know

Running factoids are certain facts related to that is important for every runner to know. Running is the most comfortable and most effective form of exercise. This is one thing that would help you to stay fit throughout your lives. You must have noticed that people who have participated in running activities in their lives have been able to live a much healthier life as compared to the others. If you also want to stay fit and healthy, then running is something that you can opt for. There are several facts related to running; however, a runner needs to know about some of these facts.

Some Running Factoids Every Runner Should Know
Some Running Factoids Every Runner Should Know

1. Some Important Running Factoids

  • If you run regularly, you will surely feel much more desirable. One can see that men and women who run usually can find themselves more attractive to others.
  • Fauja Singh is the oldest winner of Marathon, and he is from India.
  • If you are a lactating mother, then make sure that you do not do training in running before feeding your baby. This is because due to the strenuous running activity, which produces lactic acid This will make the breast milk taste sour.
  • If you run more than 80 km per week, then there is a much lesser chance for them to suffer from respiratory problems.
  • If you get regular running training, then it will undoubtedly make your bones much stronger.
  • Researchers also say that if an attractive runner approaches, most of the other runners will straighten up and become more conscious.

2. Some Not So Known Running Factoids

  • Human beings can run faster than every living creature present on earth.
  • Even the most powerful computer is not able to find out the number of computations it would require to run on two legs.
  • The hearts of men are about 20 – 25% larger than that of women.
  • Runners also have a much better sex life as compared to the people who are not runners.
  • Women carry more predisposed fat as compared to men. So they have to put in a much higher effort as compared to men when trying to run at the same pace.
  • The ability to run cam to human beings more than 2.5 million years ago. In those days, however, the purpose of running was to capture their prey.
Some Running Factoids Every Runner Should Know
Some Running Factoids Every Runner Should Know

3. There Are Certain Things That A Runner Should Know

Running is undoubtedly a great physical activity. There are certain things, however, that every runner should know. For example, it is not at all a good idea to run immediately after the intake of food. But you can undoubtedly run after a couple of hours of having your meal. This helps you to improve digestion and also prevents the accumulation of fat in the body. If you believe that running is a crucial activity, then make sure that you are aware of the important factors related to running. This will help you to become a good runner and also help you to reach the desired goal.

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