Running Tips – How To Make The Most Of Your Treadmill Running Belt

treadmill running belt

There are a few things that you need to know about treadmill running belts. First off, there is an electronic control on the treadmill that causes the belt to run at a certain speed. The belt does not stop if the control is lost or if your feet hit the ground. You can still walk and even fast run on this machine. What happens when you do either of these two things though is that the pulleys will begin to lose their tension and start to slip.

Tips To Make The Most Of Your Treadmill Running Belt

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To fix this problem you have to first unplug the treadmill from the wall. Next you want to make sure that the treadmill is turned on so that the belt can be tested without actually moving the machine. Walk on the treadmill at around 4 miles/hr and try to stop the treadmill running belt using your foot. If the belt is tight, it will continue to run while both the front roller and motor keep turning. To check what is slipping you just need to pull the treadmill belt cover off. Be sure to fully unplug the treadmill as there is sometimes 230-volt power under there that can short out your entire treadmill.

If this sounds like your problem, you need to first take the belt tension knob off the sprocket that is in the back right side of the treadmill. Then turn the knob to the far right to loosen the tension on the left side belt. You need to do this for both the left and right side but it is harder to loosen the tension on the left side. Now take the belt tension knob off the sprocket that is on the left side of the treadmill and then turn it to the far left. Do the same thing for the right side.

Check The Tightness Of The Left Side Treadmill Belt

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To check the tightness of the left side treadmill belt, you just need to pull on both belts together. Turn the treadmill belt so that it moves back and forth a little bit. If there is slack in the belt, it means that the left side is tighter than the right side. Remove the screws that are holding the belt in place. Then slide the belt out and straighten out the left side of the treadmill belt.

It is important that you use the treadmill belt adjustment fasteners for the first few times that you do not change the treadmill belt. The belt adjustment screws are very strong. If you pull on them with a lot of force you might break them off or the belt might jump into the pulley system.

Check The Treadmill Belt Adjustment

After you have changed the treadmill belt, run through a couple more runs and make sure the belt continues to run smoothly. Check the treadmill belt adjustment again, if it still does not work. If it is tight, tighten the adjustment screws just a bit. It might take a few times of tightening and loosening before the belt will adjust correctly.

When you run on your treadmill, the belt uses friction to help keep it running. The faster you go the more the belt contracts. You want to make sure the treadmill belt is as tight as possible without adding too much weight. Otherwise you might find that you are slipping on the belt and you will fall off the treadmill.

Final Thoughts

To keep yourself safe, make sure that when you are running on your treadmill, you wear proper running gear. Be sure to wear shoes that support your knees and not too high. Also wear sports socks. If you are going to be running around a lot on your treadmill, you should consider buying a treadmill mat. It will help prevent you from slipping on the treadmill.

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