Running Tip: 8 Useful Tips For Beginners

Running Tip: 8 Useful Tips For Beginners

Are you about to start running? Do you think it as one of the excellent ways to stay fit? Then lace up your shoes and get going. But before that, go through the following running tip.

Start With Short Run

In the beginning, you will feel very much exhausted to run. You might feel pain in the leg, as well. Thus, it is better to keep it short. For example, you run for about 10 minutes in the first 2-3 days. You will see the fatigue of the first day is not there the 3rd day. Increase the time by 5 minutes from the 4th day onwards. Besides, it is wise to alternate between jogging and running. Say you can perform 2 minutes of jogging and then 2 minutes of running and then again 2 minutes of jogging.

Running Tip: 8 Useful Tips For Beginners
Running Tip: 8 Useful Tips For Beginners

Running Tip – Don’t Run Too Fast At The Beginning

While you might be enthusiastic about running fast, you should not do so, especially at the beginning. This is because your body is not used to it. It might have an unfavorable effect on your health. You can feel frustrated, extreme pain, overexertion, and well as injuries. Thus, you should start running at a moderate speed.

Give Your Body Recovering Time

Even if you feel the urge to go out for running the next day, it is better to give a break for a day before running again. It will help you your body to recover from the effect of running. Moreover, the bones and muscles of your body will adapt to the process slowly.

Running Tip – Taking Short Steps

Though you may find it easy, the truth is running is quite challenging, particularly for beginners, as they lack the proper methods. They indulge in harder jogging, which in turn makes them lose energy quickly. Thus, instead of taking powerful and long steps, you must take easy as well as short steps while running for the first time.

Choosing The Proper Surface

Before starting to run, you must choose the right surface for it. If you want to run fast, always do that on the pavement because there is a slight fear of turning your ankle or any trouble. Running in the forest or park is a good idea as it gives you a cushioning surface. However, due to the presence of rocks or roots of trees, you might fall or hurt your legs. By running on a sandy surface, you can make the muscles extremely fit. You can also run on the treadmill all through the year.

Running Tip: 8 Useful Tips For Beginners
Running Tip: 8 Useful Tips For Beginners

Do Not Get Affected By Side Pain

While jogging or a day after, you can have side pain. The experts say that you should not eat too much solid food for about two hours before running. If you drink something, make sure it is in small quantities. Once the side pain affects you, instead of running, indulge in walking. It is better to continue walking until the pain goes completely.

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