Running Race And Its Five Types

Running Race And Its Five Types

The world is full of adventures, and the running race is one of the most popular athletics nowadays. As the craze for running is increasing, so are the ways of competition.

Running races are not only a challenge but also fun. From beginner level to gaining expertise, people should engage in all kinds of racing tests as and when they get time. The following types of running races will motivate you to start your practice today.

Practice Run: Running Race

Also known as a fun run, it is more like a sprint or small-routed race. Such practice runs are the best way to enter to the running world. Running coaches recommend this run to practice regularly and take part in racing before jumping to a marathon or any other long-distance races.

The distance covered in the practice run is about 5 to 10 kilometers. It is quite easy to run for 3 to 6 miles even for beginners. Such type of fun runs is held by various health institutions to support runners.

Besides the above, theme-based fun runs are also in trend nowadays. It includes Disney races, hurdle races, fancy dress races, and various others.

Running Race And Its Five Types
Running Race And Its Five Types

Trail Race

Trail runs are generally held in grassy or trail-type terrain. For runners, it should be the second priority for beginner level runners. As the race has no traffic, it is quite comfortable to run in free space where greenery is available all along the way. In most of the cases, mountains or any other hiking location is picked up for holding a race.

Triathlons Run

This running race is the best one for adventure seekers because it is more than just running a foot race. As the name suggests, this race is the combination of the swimming race, cycling race, and foot run race. For crazy people who want to enjoy various kinds of running, triathlons are great challenges.

However, the distance covered by general triathlons is not so long. It starts from feet race limited to ten kilometers. Afterwards, a bike race of approximately 40 kilometers. Finally, it contains a swim race of less than one mile. The entire race is quite tiring and hard if you are doing it for the first time. But it activates your entire body and all senses.

Running Race And Its Five Types
Running Race And Its Five Types

Marathon Race

Marathons are the most common names that you may have heard when it comes to running races. It is a 26.25 miles long race. There is rarely any risk in running a marathon, and all age groups can run this race. Only the long-distance of the race is a challenge for newcomers. However, there are various other marathons that contain a few hurdles and routed roads with ups and downs. The style of holding marathon varies from country to country.

Ultra-Races: Running Race

Ultra-races are longer, as well as harder than a marathon. Sometimes, the runway includes jungle terrain, mountain ranges, rivers, sand dunes, and some other hurdles.

An ultra-race takes 5 to 6 days to reach the finish line. If you want to experience an adrenaline rush, you should try the hardest ultra-marathons.

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