Perfect Running Exercise Plan For You

Running Exercise Plan

When we were kids, planning our exercise started from running, but did you know that? Running would have its health benefits if it started with a perfect plan. Running Exercise Plan keeps you Fit, better, and fit and increases your potential in the running in comparison to another runner. Running exercise plans should be advance in comparison to Easy. All it takes is a pair of comfortable shoes and a willingness to move to your place. A well-guided plan makes it easy to get the start, stay on track, and get inspired. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Running Exercise Plan

The absolute way to make a target and work for it accordingly, for example- Tale part in nearby racing and put mark the date on your calendar. This trick will help you to stay focus and keep you on a regular running agenda. A beginner can start with any race and take enough time to work on it. Pick any race, find an online race in race finders like the Running USA Race Map or the Runner’s World Race Finder to help you to find the right race for you.

Running Order

Some are comfortable with shoes like natural heel-striker, while others tend to lead with their toes. The Good news is neither you need Spike shoes nor any shoes, the best shoes are one who allows you to be comfortable on track and don’t let you injured. Those shoes are the Casual shoes- even-better, the more efficient your body will become.

The Run-Walk method

The most suitable method is the Run-walk method is a countless way for a new runner to get started and for an experienced runner to progress their race times. The Olympian Jeff Galloway- Our favorite Coach, recommended this method of running. Now the Combo of Run-Walk Method.


BEGINNERS 10-30 sec 1-2 min for the duration of your run

INTERMEDIATE 1-5 min 1-2 min for the duration of your run

EXPERIENCED 6-8 min 30 sec to 1 min for the duration of your run

Now, choose a running plan

You may find an online running exercise plan, but we believe that plan should be simple. Here we came up with this formulary plan.

Run three-four days a week

Walk or run at least one day for 20-30 min, two days a week

On the weekend for 40 min as a longer run/walk

On off days Rest or cross-train

Run smoothly don’t run in this plan, take up running on Saturday

Walk at a consistent break, as the method above is given.

Timing Device

Every runner needs a timing device to measure his speed and training. A well-kept Device must have a standard watch, high-tech GPS. GPS will be costly for you if purchased from the store. In that case, downloading it on your cell phone will be the best idea.

Running Gears

Now, the most important thing to wear and carry if you are a runner.

Choose a shoe pair- The shoes should be comfortable, easy to wear and take off. Don’t rely on the brand of shoes. Use casual wear; they will not distract while running. The most important feature of running shoes is – comfort. Choose a shoe that feels goods.

Things to carry and Wear- Wear a loose T-shirt, short pants, and pair of socks, carry a timing device. That’s all. The more things you carry, the more discomfort you have.

Choose your playlist- My advice is to carry a wireless Bluetooth earphone and listen to your favorite music. This is the loveliest way to get your focus. Play music that motivates you to Run.

Final Review

Starting with a running exercise plan helps us a lot. These plans are the guide and a trainer that keep a check on your performance. But what I believe is- your inner motivation. That says in your mind to work and don’t quit. Motivation is your best teacher and a guide. So stay focused, believe in yourself, and Follow the above Running Exercise Plan.

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