Mental Challenges Of Running

3 Mental Challenges Of Running A Half Marathon Distance

Do you think being physically fit is enough to run a marathon? No, a marathon tests your mental fitness and strength too. When you talk about a marathon, a half marathon distance seems too easy. But for beginner level runners, a half marathon distance is not less than mental as well as physical challenges.

In fact, when the marathon is far away from the day, your running practice should inculcate the habits of dealing with mental challenges. It’s because you will not be able to kill all at once when a half marathon distance is on your radar.

1. Disturbed Sleep

When you start running, your body stretches. And it leads to body ache, muscle pain, and such other small physical problems. You may not feel such problems at the time of practice or immediately after running. But when you will go to bed, your body will start responding. This uneasy response results in broken or disturbed sleep.

To reduce your pain, you should dip your legs in warm water for a few minutes and take a bath in lukewarm water. If there is still pain or strain in your leg, you can use relief sprays. Well, these ideas don’t guarantee a sound sleep, but they may relieve your body and mind so that you can sleep well.

3 Mental Challenges Of Running A Half Marathon Distance
3 Mental Challenges Of Running A Half Marathon Distance

2. Fatigue And Stress

Running a half marathon distance brings a lot of stress. You recognize this stress or not, it manipulated your mind and increases the chances of hasty decisions. At initial stages when you start practicing run, your body releases various hormones. Gradually, this process lowers down.

It will be waste to say that don’t be anxious or don’t overthink. It is an obvious reaction. But you should make the best use of such emotion. You should make stress your friend and turn it into aggression that helps in running faster. For this, all you need to do is manipulating your mind and fill it with positive yet inspiring thoughts.

Once you follow these mind-making tricks, you will be better able to cope up with mental challenges. And gradually, you will become mentally stronger and tougher.

3 Mental Challenges Of Running A Half Marathon Distance
3 Mental Challenges Of Running A Half Marathon Distance

3. Boredom

There will be a point when you start complaining about repeating workouts. You may fee bore or less-interested in practicing a run. It is obvious too.

When you repeat the same process, again and again, every day, you feel bored and irritated sometimes. But you should think that only practice makes a man perfect. If this thought doesn’t motivate you to run, you can add variety in your running workouts or you can go for cross training. This way, not only you will beat boredom but also increase our confidence.

In fact, before the race day, you should practice a half-marathon way and check the time you took.  It will prove to be a good adventure for you. This is one of the most powerful boredom killing tricks. Other such tricks are listening to music, playing mental games, or do any other things that occupy your mind.

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