On Cloud Running Shoes Review

on cloud running shoes

What would you say if I told you that one day you could own a pair of On Cloud running shoes? That you wouldn’t even have to walk outside to lace up your shoes anymore? That you wouldn’t have to worry about getting the rain stains out, the soggy conditions, or the slippery floor anymore?

Imagine the ideal, all-around sneaker – one that you could run in, walk out in, slide on and off effortlessly on airport security, slip on and off of your stylishly polished feet in the supermarket, take with any outfit for a casual stroll, hit the grocery store or rock down at your favorite business meeting. Imagine no more! We’ve discovered this shoe, and unlike so many other waterproof shoes it works. Go ahead, take a look at our On Cloud running shoes review.

Unique Design

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One of the reasons On Cloud gets the cold hard approval from so many avid runners looking for an alternative to Air Force shoes is because of its unique design. Because it doesn’t have air pockets, it has a firm yet flexible midsole that conforms to your foot and foot bone for optimal support. That kind of support is hard to come by in running shoes. A lot of the cushioning is usually confined to the heel and the ball of the foot. As someone who runs nearly three miles every day (I do it three times a week), I know that support is needed where it counts.

What makes On Cloud running shoes different? The most important innovation is their patented Dri-FIT midsole, which provides a lightweight but breathable layer between your shoe and you. When combined with the patented Hydrophobic Outsole, you get twice the amount of cushioning you’d get with other runner’s shoes. The result is that you feel more comfortable while running and your performance improves as well. The company also developed a special outsole called Dri-FIT PLUS, which offers twice the amount of cushioning as the older model and adds another level of comfort. This running shoe also uses two waffle-style laces, something that most competitors don’t have.

High Quality

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Another innovation to the On Cloud running shoes is their use of high-quality silicone pods to create their uppers. Silicone gels are known for their durability and comfort, but it has taken manufacturers a couple of years to perfect the material. On Cloud claims that their silicone gels are as resistant to abrasion and moisture loss as any high-quality cotton fiber yet, they are much easier to clean. The company also claims that the silica in the pod makes it easier for air to circulate under the shoe, which also helps to dampen the sound made by the running action. The company says that their new uppers have a tighter fit, a better overall grip, better cushioning, and an increased level of durability.

To get a good feel for the On Cloud shoes, you need to try them on. Each pair comes with a tape for putting on and removing the socks and heel counter, which is convenient. They look very attractive, especially the white version which has small On Cloud logo pods at the front and the back. It is important, however, that you take the time to break these in before you buy them. You will be able to tell if they are too big for your feet or not because you will feel the difference when you run around in them.

Advanced Technology

Most people probably won’t notice a difference between On Cloud shoes and other brands of waterproof running cloud footwear because the technology used is so different. Some will notice that the shoe is heavier than many others, but after breaking them in you will probably wonder why you paid extra. The lightweight forefoot fits snuggly and is comfortable to wear. You won’t have to sacrifice style for the comfort of the shoe.


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