Nike Marathon Training Plan – A Step Ahead To The Desired Goal

nike marathon training

Are you searching for Nike marathon training? The marathon is the terminal road race, and the Nike marathon training is the ultimate running experience. Here, you will work to become a more efficient runner through a large selection of speed runs. Plus, you will gain the endurance you need through weekly long and recovery runs. And most importantly, you will be a smarter runner and become ready to take that ultimate starting line. So, if you want to know about the Nike marathon training plan, then have a look at this article. Here we will talk about Nike marathon training plans that will surely help you achieve your desired goals.

What Is Nike Marathon Training Plan

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This Nike marathon training plan was created around an 18-week schedule, and it was built to adapt to your experience level. It is intended to be uniquely flexible to your needs as you prepare to tackle a marathon. Whether you are 12 or 18 weeks away from the race day, you can jump into this program whenever it suits you.

In this training period, you control what you put into the program and, therefore, what you get out of it. The recommended plan on training is for at least 12 weeks before the marathon so you can comfortably run and complete the programmed workouts.

Running Workouts Nike Marathon Training

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You will do various workouts that will make you faster, including short and long intervals, hill workouts, fartlek runs, and tempo runs. Building strength through speed training plays a vital role in Nike marathon training.

Long Runs

In the long run, start at the dead-end of your long run pace and run for two to two and a half hours. On the next one, increase the duration by 15 – 30 minutes until 3 to 4 weeks before the race. Besides, you are running for two and a half to three and a half hours.

Recovery Run

A recovery run is a slow or short-run completed within 24 hours after a hard session, usually an interval workout or a long run. A recovery run can be of any distance, but as a rule, shorter than your base sessions and performed at a pace 60 to 90 seconds slower than your average run.

Rest Days

Rest days are necessary to becoming a faster, stronger runner and achieving your desired goals. In addition, rest days provide mental benefits as well, and a weekly break from training allows your mind to rest and your body too. You will prevent burnout from training and keep your mind fresh for your hard workouts and race day.

Summing Up

Working in the Nike marathon training plan is a great way to reduce the chance of injury. The Nike marathon training has an extensive collection of exercises for every health level. Plus, the Nike special council’s tips on training, recovery, nutrition, and sleep. The fundamental goal of Nike marathon training can cover the extent. And not just performing it to the finish line, but also making it to the finish line as best you can.

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