Match Your Runs With Your Favorite Golf Clubs

Match Your Runs With Your favorite Golf Clubs

If you’ve been playing golf for any length of time, you’re sure to match your runs with your favorite set of matching clubs, including Nike, Titleist, Callaway, or other brands. Some golfers like the Pro V1 or one of the other brands, while others like the more expensive models from Titleist and Nike.

One thing about the brand names that I like is that they are not casual, every day, “all-day” wear. If you’re looking for golf clubs that will fit into a day at the country club and allow you to play all day without worrying too much about the weather, that might be the brand for you.

Match Your Runs

Match Your Runs With Your favorite Golf Clubs
Match Your Runs With Your favorite Golf Clubs

That said, Nike and Titleist models are just as functional for a more comfortable game but will not be as forgiving as a new swing. Maybe when it rains, the wind is blowing, or maybe the course has a habit of getting hot. Also, some brands just require different actions than others.

If you’re a Titleist fan, then I would go with a Nike clubhead or hybrid, and if you’re a Nike fan, I would go with the Nike Fusion clubhead. If you’re looking for golf clubs that are a little cheaper and don’t give you as much forgiveness in the weather, go with a new Nike or Titleist club.

As far as clubs go, if you’re looking for a lot of forgiveness, and you like that Nike brand, then you can find clubs that are Nike Fusion drivers and Nike Fusion fairway woods and hybrids. Nike, however, does not make a high-performance driver for every style of shot, so you might find yourself limited to either the Nike Fusion or a Nike Fusion Driver.

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But, if you like driving distance and you like the Nike brand, there are still great clubs on the market from Nike. Nike Drivers and Nike Players, and the Nike Zebra Driver are all well-reviewed.

The Nike Fusion irons, especially the Nike Fusion 7 iron and the Nike Fusion 9 iron, are a good choice. Golfers who are looking for a driver like that on a lower price tag should consider a Nike driver.

I have to say, Nike has not been very well-liked by golfers, and the Nike brand has, in my opinion, not been that great. I also think that Nike and Titleist have made poor drivers for the USGA tour. Many of the drivers I have had (of course, you can be well informed with the plethora of reviews available online, so you know what to expect) seem more like an afterthought for those of us who play every kind of shot, and who play for fun.

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The Tiger Driver, which is a Nike driver, is pretty good, and not good for those who play often, but not every type of shot. If you like driving distance or you want a more forgiving driver, then you might find a bit of use for the Nike driver, but you need to spend a lot of time looking at the drivers before you make up your mind.

A few more shots to get people thinking about Nike! Well, before we get into more of Nike’s offerings, let’s talk a little bit about some of the golf clubs that you might find in their line.

If you’re going to compare some of the clubs, especially in the Titleist realm, then you’ll notice that Nike and Titleist have not been that great to drive when it comes to accuracy. The Nike Fusion and Nike Zebra are on the lighter side of the metal, and they don’t allow your clubface to rotate properly, making it easier to hit it fully.

Bottom Line

Match Your Runs With Your favorite Golf Clubs
Match Your Runs With Your favorite Golf Clubs

For the drivers and fairway woods, both Nike and Titleist can get you some decent clubs, and these will match the Nike and Titleist clubs when it comes to forgiveness, but if you want one club that is especially forgiving, then you might find a nice Nike Driver or a nice Nike Fairway Wood will do that well.

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