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Bananas are rich sources of potassium and help prevent cramps. However, bananas are the fuel used by all runners before running. If you are taking marathon training and improving your running speed and skills, you should incorporate this fruit into your diet plan. In addition to running, it can also strengthen the body.



Avocados also contain nutritious and healthy fruit. Every player should include this fruit in his or her diet. Avocados are rich in fat and healthy. You can chop the fruit and sprinkle it on the bread and eat it as a toast in the morning for breakfast.

Dark Green Vegetables

Whether you are participating in any sport, exercise, or other physical activity, you should add green leafy vegetables to your diet. Green is important for our health. However, you can choose spinach, Swiss chard, kale, or other exotic flavours. These small leaves are rich in calcium and folic acid but have very low calories. If you want to get the benefits of these leafy vegetables, always try to make a salad, or you may need to buy stir-fries.


Most of us like the taste of berries. Right? Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries contain antioxidants that are capable of reducing inflammatory radicals produced during exercise. These berries can be eaten by adding or freezing berries to smoothies or to any dessert.


Jujube is a natural flavour and is rich in iron, fibre, and potassium. If you want more natural gels and power bars, they can try to fill the days with a little nut butter. In addition, you can also prepare other healthy biscuits or cakes with dates to get their benefits.

Orange or Orange Juice

For any training or exercise, our body needs more nutrients and mineral supplements. Therefore, we need to plan how you eat properly so that we can get all the essential ingredients in sufficient quantities from the content. Orange is a high source of potassium. However, humble orange is the last way to replenish lost electrolytes with sweat. In addition, citrus acid can also burn fat. As a result, it is feasible to consume these fruits while keeping a weight loss diet.

Additional Information

If you know some basic things about marathon training, you should know that it should be done regularly. This means that your operating system will be modified based on your time and all the progress of the training program. The same can be said of a competitive training diet program. Here are some important marathon training programs designed to get the right fuel for long life.


These are some of the important foods that should be included in the diet to improve the condition. In addition to working hard or exercising, it is also important to follow a complete diet plan to get the right fuel for longer life.

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