Marathon Running Belt: What You Need To Know

marathon running belt

A marathon running belt is a vital piece of kit. It is used by marathon runners to help aid in the training of the body and to push oneself further than they would normally get through a long-distance run. The marathon-running belt is a very simple piece of kit that is an excellent addition to any marathon training program. In fact, it is recommended for all marathon runners as it can really assist in speeding up the training process. It’s also one of the most basic and cheapest pieces of kit you could purchase.

Marathon Running Belt

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The first benefit you will notice with marathon running belts is that it takes the stress off the legs and arms. Water is a vital part of marathon training, and it is even more important during long-distance training. A marathon running belt helps prevent cramps and dehydration by adding pressure to the legs and arms. It also comes with compartments where water bottles are put.

The next benefit is the fact that marathon running belts are very simplistic pieces of kit. There are not many pockets, not many different straps or buckles, and not many extra features such as changing water bottle holders. There is not too much that you can do with a simple belt, but still, it adds an extra bit of support and helps you push yourself further than you would without it.

These marathon running belts tend to come in two different styles. There are thin and thick versions. The thin version is usually less expensive and can be bought for under $20 dollars. This thin model can store a lot of water bottles and offers some form of support for your arms and legs. The thicker belt has a lot more pockets and can carry a lot more water bottles.


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Some people prefer to use the thinner model, as it’s easier to lose body heat than the thick model. This isn’t really a problem, though, as the thicker material provides extra warmth. The belt will definitely need to be worn every day and is important to wear while running long distances. Even just walking around can warm your body up, and so wearing a marathon running belt every day is necessary to prevent hypothermia.

Some of these running belts have several styles of fastening them to the hips, waist, and arms. They can come in single or double zippers, and they often either have one buckle or two. Some of the thicker belts also feature elastic side pockets to hold water bottles or other items. Zippers can be made of plastic or nylon, and they are usually reinforced with metal to prevent the zipper from coming open. Some of these may also have reflective strips or other patterns that will increase their visibility when running.

Two zippers are common on the thicker, stronger models, and then there are single zippers. These are convenient if you don’t want the zipper to come open while you’re running, but many runners like the single zippers on these types of products. They allow you to put your water bottle in the front pocket, and then the belt loops on the back pocket. This allows for a good amount of mobility and makes for easy carrying. Some of these also feature front and rear pockets that carry an MP3 player, keys, cell phone, or anything else you might want to bring along.

Bottom Line

Many of these belts can be found online at very reasonable prices, and there are even some retail stores that offer them. Searching online will definitely save you money, as well as allow you to shop in your pajamas and possibly take advantage of sales. If you purchase the bigger, more expensive models online, they might not be available in your size, and you’ll have to return them for another size. There are also clearance racks at some physical stores that will offer these for a discounted price, allowing you to get a bigger selection at a lower cost. Before you buy a belt, make sure you check out all of the options and choose the best one for your needs.

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