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Marathon Running is sufficient to lose belly fat gradually. As the belly fat increases in your midsection, it gives rise to various diseases. The fatty cells block the arteries and veins and slow down the blood flow, which increases heart attack probability. At a younger age, it may not seem to be a problem, but as you approach middle age, obesity creates many health threats. Your dietician may prescribe some freehand exercise and proper diet. But the most straightforward procedure is brisk walking or running, which helps a lot. Running or walking helps you to stay active too in an otherwise monotonous life and brings you closure to nature. You may walk at any time, but remember running is an excellent cardio exercise and impacts more.

So it will be helpful if you run daily. Buy a pair of proper running shoes and tracks, and you are good to go. Maintain the appropriate timings of running also to get optimum results. That can be at night or day too, that doesn’t matter. But try to maintain the jogging or running time properly.

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Marathon Running: A Useful And Effective Exercise For Weight Loss

Running Marathon: Procedures

Other than running a marathon, the same place jogging is also an excellent cardio exercise to shed off fat. Stand on your mat and keep your position firmly. Then start jogging standing in that position. Do this for three to five minutes minimum. Take some time to cool off around two minutes later again finish with some same place brisk jogging.

To ensure some core stamina, you can opt for some upward cycling. Lie on your mat and then pull up your legs to the height of your hips. Then start cycling forward and backward each three sets minimum. Another excellent core exercise is the plank. Rest your body on the mat, balancing on your elbow and feet, and keep yourself up as long as possible. You may not be able to do it for a long time but worry not with regular practice it will improve for sure.

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Marathon Running: A Useful And Effective Exercise For Weight Loss

Some Advantages 

Body fat increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and blood sugar levels. Running and walking makes you slim and also trim and improve blood flow. The love handles around the belly make you out of shape. So beware from a young age so that it does not become problematic in middle age. This layer of fat also makes a hindrance to hormone stimulation during digestion. 

A proper diet helps you to lose belly fat successfully. Keep the dinner light and make a substantial breakfast. Include some lean meat in breakfast and make it proportional. Portion control in meals is another key to lose fat. It’s always a good idea to include some fruits and veggies for fiber intake. These small changes in everyday life will lessen your body weight and will make you all over healthy. However, never rely on artificial methods to lose weight as they are always temporary and harmful to your system.

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