Marathon Fun Facts

Marathon Fun Facts to Knock Your Socks Off

Marathon fun facts are certain things that you should know if you are a fan of the marathon. There are two types of people. The first group who prefer participating in the marathon. And the second group that gazes at the people who have involved in it. Now the marathon is no longer for just the boys. The women of today also love participating in it. There were 41% more women finishers in the year 2010 as compared to the year 1980. Several people are participating in the marathon. However, there are hardly a few who can finish it.

Marathon Fun Facts to Knock Your Socks Off
Marathon Fun Facts to Knock Your Socks Off

1. Some Important Marathon Fun Facts:

  • The first marathon was in the year 1886. There were as many as 17 competitors who ran 24.8 miles. The marathon started in the marathon bridge and finally ended in the Olympic stadium.
  • The first woman to win the marathon was Joan Benoit.
  • In the year 1921, 42.195 was the distance that became the official marathon distance.
  • Ethiopian, Abebe Bikila was the one who ran the marathon in bare feet. He finally was the winner. He was initially not participating in it. However, one of his team members opted out for a medical reason as a result of which he got a chance to participate in the marathon. It was here that the East African runners started to dominate this activity.
  • Olympic runner, Dorando of Italy, finished first in the marathon; however, he was finally disqualified. The umpires had helped him because he had fallen as many as five times in the last few kilometers. This ultimately resulted in his disqualification as umpires are not supposed to help the participants in any way.

2. Here Is A List Of Some More Marathon Fun Facts:

  • Paula Radcliff was the fastest among the women who participated in The Marathon. Still today, no one could beat her record.
  • Dennis Kimetto holds the record amongst men, and again, until today, there has not been anybody who has been able to beat him.
  • Shizo Kanakuri is the slowest marathon runner. He dropped from the Olympics and was then recalled after almost 50 years.
  • There is also a wheelchair record holder in the marathon, and the credit goes to Thomas Geierspichler. Josh Cassidy was faster in the place named Boston. Unfortunately, Boston cannot hold any records because the course has some hill sections.
  • The coldest marathon was at a temperature lesser than minus 38-degree centigrade.
  • In the year 1905, the marathon in Boston reached as much as 100-degree Fahrenheit
  • The toughest marathon takes place in Switzerland. Here the marathoners had to climb as much as 6000 feet.
Marathon Fun Facts to Knock Your Socks Off
Marathon Fun Facts to Knock Your Socks Off

3. Put Your Socks Off And Get Ready For Marathon:

Marathon has become highly popular in recent times. There are some people throughout the world participating in it. If you want to participate in a quiz or any general conversation, knowing about the important marathon, fun facts will undoubtedly help you. If this is a sports quiz, then there is hardly a chance of it having lesser than 2- 3 marathon facts related question. So do not wait any further. Get your marathon fun factoids ready at the earliest.

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