Made of High Quality and Breathable Wool Fibers That Optimize Sweat and Keep Your Feet Fresh and Dry

With comfortable footwear, socks are also important to have. The socks need to be worn with the shoes for a comfortable grip. If looking for comfortable socks for the eBay grip out for sporting activities the product is what you need. The socks are made with comfortable and breathable cotton and polyester which keeps them airy and comfortable in wearing. The socks can be worn while playing sports like football and baseball and can be worn while gyming. The socks can also be worn in daily uses with the shes as it gives a perfect grip and comfort to the foot while walking.

Comfortable Cotton And Polyester Socks For Sports

The comfortable cotton and polyester socks are a good pair of socks to carry with footwear. The foot can easily settle in the socks and remains fresh and airy all with the material of cotton and polyester used in making the socks. These socks can also be a day to day work socks that can fit your shoes. The best part of the socks is that the toes do not rub from the stitches so the foot can be comfortable. It is ideal for all the weathers like summer as the fabric used is quite thin which does not feel warm while wearing the socks in shoes. The socks are easily washable with detergent and normal water. The socks can be good for the moisture control in the foot and can efficiently adjust with the grip with no irritating mark of spokes of the socks.

Here is why you should buy Comfortable Cotton And Polyester Socks For Sports.


  • Material: Polyester
  • Model Number: Black
  • High: Crew
  • Product Age Classification: Adult Socks
  • Fabric Name: Polyester-cotton
  • Main Fabric Composition: Polypropylene
  • Content Of Main Fabric Components: 70
  • Product Category: Socks


The benefits of the products are mentioned as follows.

  • The socks are made up of breathable and thin fabric like cotton and polyester.
  • The socks can be used for sporting activities as well as day-to-day work.
  • The socks are comfortable to wear and can give ease in walking.
  • The stitches of socks do not rub the foot so it gives a comfortable walk.
  • The socks are airy and can control moisture so that the foot is not sweaty while walking.


  • There are mainly no cons to the product. Just to keep in mind with the care of the socks for the longer use is to wash the socks with detergent and normal water.


The socks can be a perfect and easy partner for sporting activities as they are thin and grips the foot. The socks come in decent colors so the socks can also be worn with the formal wear. The grip of the socks easily adjust with the foot and after several washes, the socks remain soft in wear. The socks also give an all-day dry walking experience by controlling the foot from feeling sweaty and moist.

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