Interesting And Weird Facts About Running

Interesting And Weird Facts About Running

Running is one of the most effective physical activities that enable us to stay fit. Moreover, it also helps to keep our heart healthy, as well. Additionally, running also promotes muscles and brain cell developments. Therefore it becomes essential that we all must include running in our daily regime to stay fit. However, there exists a certain funny fact that surrounds running about which we still are unknown. Let us have a look at some of the Interesting And Weird Facts.

Interesting And Weird Facts About Running
Interesting And Weird Facts About Running

Running Makes One Desirable- Interesting And Weird Facts About Running

As per recent research carried out by the University of Arkansas, running makes an individual desireable. Moreover, it does so since it helps us to stay healthy and fit. Running regularly also leads to tremendous muscle development as well that prevents the occurrence of wrinkles. Therefore the research suggests that running makes individual desires. Almost 80 % of men and around 60 % of women reported that they felt more attractive after continuous running. Moreover, running also reduces the aging signs as well, thus increasing the desirability.

The Oldest Marathon Finisher Is From India- Interesting And Weird Facts About Running

Fauja Singh, the oldest runner in the world, hails from India. Moreover, he also completed the 100-meter marathon race in Canada in just 25 minutes. Additionally, he has taken part in various marathons throughout his lifetime and also has won many.

Interesting And Weird Facts About Running
Interesting And Weird Facts About Running

Budhia Singh, The Youngest Runner Of The World- Interesting And Weird Facts About Running

One of the most interesting facts about running is that the youngest runner also is from India. Moreover, he just completed five years of age this year. Another interesting fact that surrounds the youngest runner is that he has already completed forty-eight marathons to date.

Taste Of Breast Milk Changes After Running- Interesting And Weird Facts About Running

Well, you will definitely find this fact a weird and interesting fact. But the fact is that the taste of breast milk changes after running. The breast milk becomes sour just after the completion of a round of running. This takes place because the lactic acid present in the body gets absorbed in the breast milk after strenuous physical activity. This leads to the change in its taste drastically. However, it returns to normal after some time of relaxation and rest.

Regular Running Improves Stability Of Bones

You will find it interesting to know that over time, running improves the stability of the bones. Moreover, it also strengthens the bones as well. Therefore runners hardly face any fractures or bones related problems. Moreover, even the researchers at Michigan University also proved that running could improve the mineral density of the bones.

As Compared To Men Woman Runs The Marathon Faster

As per certain studies, women tend to run faster in the second half of the marathon as compared to men. Moreover, they usually have a low pace at the starting but speeds up in the second phase.

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