How To Start A Marathon With Your Full Effort

How To Start A Marathon With Your Full Effort

If you’re serious about running marathons and want to have a chance at the ultimate marathon, this article is for you. If you’re interested in the secrets I’ve uncovered about how to start your marathon, then you’re in the right place.

While there are many ways to train for marathons, most marathoners I meet recommend doing long runs and some long, easy miles. But, I have been unable to find any solid science supporting this approach. So, I decided to dig into the nitty-gritty and find out if there is some truth to it.

How To Start Marathon?

How To Start A Marathon Effectively?
How To Start A Marathon Effectively?

The truth is that the number of long runs and easy miles has no bearing on your success in getting through the whole thing. The only people who seem to benefit from this approach are people who have not been training properly or perhaps have injuries.

I hear marathoners all the time tell me that they think the more long runs they do, the better. Now, I have listened to that same idea from other sources, but that is not what the research tells me. So, what the research tells me is that you can do as many long runs as you want, and the results will not be optimal.

It seems counter-intuitive, but if you do a very long run with very little rest in between, it will affect your muscle development during that workout. Also, the very long run increases your heart rate too much.


But, if you do a very short run with an easy recovery in between, your muscles will remain fresh during the workout and therefore recover sufficiently to continue to build and tear much more slowly. But, this combination of rest and exercise is critical for any long-distance runner. It will allow the body to heal and rebuild itself adequately.

Marathoners need to be careful about their speed. You must not try to do more than you can handle. It is not fair to your body to push it to the limit, especially when it is already worn down.

But, the other aspect of long runs and easy runs is that it will give you a chance to talk to your coach. Maybe it is just me, but I feel that the longer I have been doing marathon training, the more comfortable I am with doing long runs and easy runs. I enjoy talking to my coach, and I like knowing what to expect from the training.

Another of the things I learned about is the importance of having the proper gear for the distance. Do not underestimate the importance of running shoes. They are very important.

Speed is important, but weight is even more important. Your weight is what limits your speed, and without good speed you cannot get far. So, I strongly recommend investing in a pair of lightweight speed shoes.

While I was watching a marathon TV show recently, I came across an interesting fact. Every man or woman is born equal, and they have the potential to finish a marathon. But, only a tiny fraction of people will ever have the drive and determination to finish.

Bottom Line

How To Start A Marathon With Your Full Effort
How To Start A Marathon With Your Full Effort

The rest of the lazy people who do not take the training seriously, end up quitting before they reach the marathon. So, the next time you do some marathon training, do not forget the importance of diet and nutrition, and always pay attention to the gear!

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