How To Find The Best Stability Running Shoes

best stability running shoes

As an athlete competing in any distance sport, it is imperative that you have the best stability running shoes. These are specially made with extra padding around the arch, which will reduce the stress placed on your joints while running. Along with reducing pain and discomfort, they will also increase your running times and allow you to train harder, for longer periods of time. Here is a look at how you should evaluate stability shoes.

An Overview

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In every sport, whether you are throwing the ball or running up and down a trail, there are different factors that affect how you run. For example, the way you react to any given situation will change how you run. This means that when analyzing which shoe is best stability running shoes for you, one important consideration to keep in mind is the way you react to your feet. If you overpronate, you will want a shoe with a larger cushioning and more cork backing.

Overpronating is the name of the condition, where you roll the front of your foot outward. When this happens, the pressure on your joints increases causing you to feel pain and discomfort while running. A large number of runners who overpronate report that adding a cork backing to their shoes helped reduce the degree of overpronation. The idea behind cork padding for running shoes is that it provides extra support for your foot and decreases the amount of pressure being applied to your joints. Therefore, the shoe with the biggest cushioning and best overall comfort is usually the one that has a higher oomph factor. Another thing to consider when selecting which are the best stability shoes for you is the idea that a comfortable shoe with good cushioning but not too much gives you a false sense of balance, which may cause your feet to rock back and forth during your run.

Top Brands

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The Brooks adrenaline gts 21 was developed for professional runners and should be considered one of the best stability shoes available. This shoe was designed to make your movements natural yet still meet the demands of extreme running. This shoe is made with out of carbon fiber and features a soft midsole as well as a fully leather upper. This shoe also includes a soft rubber inner.

One of the most popular brands for stability shoes is the Montrail Silhouette 4. This shoe is a high end model that comes in either grey or black leather. The shoes offer a neutralizer in the form of cushioned footbeds as well as air pockets that help improve the comfort of your feet. In addition to this, the shoes feature air cells that reduce internal moisture. Overall, this model offers a smooth ride, cushioning as well as excellent shock absorption.

Nice Features

A high end stability shoe by another Canadian company is the Montrail Concordia. This model is focused on cushioning as well as moisture management and comes in either red or black leather. Most testers give this model high ratings in terms of cushioning, support, shock absorption and overall stability.

High profile running shoes by Puma are aimed at those individuals who have high-arched feet. The Puma CBT Stretch is one shoe in this line that can correct overpronation. Many individuals suffer from overpronation, a running movement that occurs when the feet roll too far inward during the forward motion of the leg. Overpronation can cause pain in the calves as well as lower back and this can affect your performance.


A few pairs of shoes from the Puma lineup have a medial post that can control the inward rolling of the foot. This medial post can also keep pressure off the outside of the shins and knees. These shoes from Puma are a great choice for those who want to have medial support and cushioning but don’t want to sacrifice comfort. Overall, these are some of the best stability shoes on the market today.

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