How to Choose the Best Hydration Belt For Running

best hydration belt for running

Choosing the best hydration belt for running depends on whether you need to run long distances or just hit the pavement a few times. The difference between a good belt and one that is great for running is the space it gives you while you are wearing it. While running long distances, it needs a large storage space compared to walking short distances. If you are a runner you may find that you prefer a smaller one for home use, when you are going on holiday or just want to pack light when you go out.

There are many different styles of these storage packs on the market, so before you buy one I would suggest looking at all your options first. I do not recommend buying the cheapest water belts on the market but instead, look for quality brands at reasonable prices. There are many great reviews online of some of the best hydration belts for running, with many people saying that they will definitely pass this word around to friends. Find the one that best suits your needs and you will be back on the roads in no time!

Best Hydration Belt for Running

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When looking for hydration belts for running always look for pockets for holding water bottles, you never know what you might need. Many come with internal mesh pockets to ensure that you do not run the risk of losing water whilst you are running. Many have external straps which can be useful for carrying food and supplies. These will also work well if you have forgotten your water bottle in a bush or under a bridge. Another thing you may find useful is an adjustable water belt that can be worn around the waist. These offer you a comfortable fit and prevent you from getting water retention and bloating.

There are belt clips that can attach to your normal running shorts and this is perfect for ensuring you get a perfect fit every time. If you choose to invest in a custom-made water belt then there is the option of adding additional clip options so you have matching clips to your normal shorts. This is especially useful when racing at distance. As you are running further you will need to ensure you have a good supply of water bottles to replace them as quickly as possible.

The biggest advantage of an extended running water bottle belt is that it offers a much more functional alternative than buying individual sports bottles. If you are serious about your workout and enjoy drinking water then this type of extra storage is ideal. There is now a huge range of different colors and styles available, but one of the most popular is black & silver. Black is easily identifiable and is great for blending in with your everyday wardrobe.

A Much Ado

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The other advantage of these hydration belts is that they offer extra storage compared to individual bottles. A bottle can easily become cluttered and is usually only suitable for drinking out of view. Even with the various different sports bottles available, it is possible to mix and match them with other accessories. This is not possible with individual bottles and can result in a messy appearance. Also, it is difficult to remove and re-insert individual bottles when training. With the hydration belt, it is very easy to access and change the contents without disturbing your clothes.

The standard size is an inch wide and many manufacturers offer sizes up to twenty-two inches. These products are usually designed to fit most standard trainers but there are some specialist sports products available that are specifically designed for use with trail running shoes and specific trainers. The standard width is still adequate for most runners but it is important to check what is available in your preferred size. Many products come in a wide range of prices and you may be surprised at the difference in cost between a simple one-ounce water bottle or two pounds of hydration running belts.

Final Words

There are numerous online retailers that offer a wide range of different styles of hydration water bottles. The advantage of shopping online is that you will be able to look at a selection before making a purchase. Some websites also have discounts and free shipping offers which can help to make your purchase more affordable.

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