Half Marathon Training Plan For Beginner Runners

marathon training plan for beginner

Half-marathons usually have some form of awards ceremony or starting line. Read on to get familiar with the running program for the half-marathon.

I think every new runner should do a marathon training plan. Half-marathons are not hard to run, the course is flat and you can go as slow or as fast as you feel comfortable with. Here is what your beginner training plans should include.

Some Type Of Structured Workouts

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I think every new beginner runner should start with a half-marathon training plan that includes some type of structured workouts. Most half-marathons take place on hard, steep streets with the course cutting across in several different directions. If you don’t have any experience with steep hills, you will want to get on some treadmills and hit the pavement real hard. If you hit it hard, you’ll wear yourself out early and find yourself wanting to quit much sooner than you want to.

There is also a new trend that is taking over the fitness world and that is skipping. This is great for someone who is very familiar with the outdoors. If you aren’t used to being off the pavement, skipping half a marathon is a great way to start. You’ll get a good workout on your way to the half marathon. The next part of your half training plan should be some high intensity runs (HIPs). These will be done on the road and you’ll be able to determine how fast you can run this type of distance without getting winded or burning out.

A Good Diet

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Of course, the final piece of your half marathon training plan for beginners should be a good diet. The type of food you eat plays an important role in burning fat and building muscle. When I talk to people about how to become marathon runners, they almost all agree that the key to become fast is to eat a healthy diet. A good rule of thumb is to eat five times more protein than what you eat for every pound of body weight. That should give you enough energy to last at least one hour for every 20 minute mile that you run.

Along with your regular workouts, your half-marathon plan for beginners should include some type of speed or conversational pace sessions. In other words, you’ll work on your leg strength and endurance levels as well as run slower than you might on a marathon route. You’ll also have some fun in the process so don’t forget to bring a water bottle and some snacks to keep yourself entertained.

Three Miles On The Same Route Every Day

Many professional runners encourage their athletes to run at least two or three miles on the same route every day. If you take this route, you’ll need to get some good quality gel or milk to drink between runs so you won’t run out.

A great tip for your half marathon training plan for beginners is to include some type of recovery in your program. Often, when you’re just getting started you might not feel very confident going for it and you may even be tempted to skip out on some races. That’s where having a recovery run or even a long home stretch can really come in handy. After you get a good rest, you’ll feel better and be ready to go again!


As you can see, there is no reason to think that your half marathon training plan for beginner runners should be any more intense than what you’d use for a seasoned marathon runner. Start simple with a shorter distance and build up from there. Also, remember to spend at least a couple of days in a fast-paced marathon pace class, whether that’s running or swimming. This will help to develop both your cardio conditioning as well as your speed and technique.

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