Half Marathon Training Plan – Be The Champion Of The Match

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If you’re going to start training to run a half marathon, you need to have a basic fitness level. It’s all too easy to be inspired by seeing the Great North Run or the London Marathon and think, “I can do that .”However, before starting any half marathon training guide, you really need to be able to run 4 to 5 miles comfortably. So, if you’ve never run before, you need to check out some couch to 5k type training plans and build up your fitness. Then maybe run a few 10k races and get a feel for longer distances. So, once you’ve got your base level and aspire to run a half marathon, you need to find a good training schedule. However, most of the training plans are either 12 or 16 weeks long and build up gradually so that your long run is eventually 11 or 12 miles long. Thus, most of them don’t actually take you up to and over the 13.1-mile distance. Here is some information about the half marathon training plan for you. 

There are some really good beginners schedules around which are freely available on the net. Google Hal Higdon and check out the schedules there.

Half Marathon Training Plan

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Bear in mind that life is never simple, and you may get injured, go on holiday, lose motivation, etc., so allow for a few “off” weeks to be built into your training plan. Better to have a few weeks spare than be struggling to get your long runs in because you didn’t allow enough time or you got injured.

Running 13.1 miles isn’t easy, but the satisfaction when you cross the finish line of your half marathon is immense, and you need to stay motivated to get there. So don’t get bogged down with complicated training plans; choose one which suits your lifestyle and get out there!

Make Sure You Train 

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First, make sure that you will train yourself that you are going to take part in the marathon. You have to motivate yourself for training and do the work whatever your coach tells you to do. Firstly, it is essential to train specifically for running a Half Marathon. You may be fit already due to going to the gym, swimming, playing football, etc.. but still, suppose your body is not conditioned to running long distances on the tarmac, over different road contours, and in fluctuating weather conditions. In that case, you will not be ready for a Half Marathon run. Though you are already-fit and active, it is vital your training is all about running. However, before the marathon, you should require a month of training for running so that you can achieve success.

Right Schedule 

Time management and the right schedule can be the best gem that can give you success in your life. So, it is your first concern to do the right and perfect schedule for your half marathon training plan. Thus, you will be the champion of the sport.

Apart from these, there are many other tips that you should follow, like, you should always choose shoes wisely, and get in the right frame in mind and many others.

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