Hal Hodson Half Marathon Training Tips

hal higdon half marathon training

Have you been training for your half marathon in Florida? If so, you’ve probably been frustrated with the lack of results. As a matter of fact, you may have even thought about giving up. But, if you are like me, you are not. That’s why I want to share with you some Hal Hodson Half Marathon Training Tips that will help you achieve success in your next race.

In addition to being an experienced runner, one of the most important Hal Hodson Half Marathon Training Tips I can give you is to always keep your head up. Do not try and force yourself to run fast. You may get lucky, but more often than not, you’ll end up quitting before you reach the finish line. I know because I’ve tried that many times.

It’s OK if you do run a little fast, just make sure to go easy on the pace. Also, take your time, enjoy the scenery, and let the race pass by without any pressure. The goal isn’t to win, the goal is to have fun.

Reasons To Get Training In Florida

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This may sound stupid, but it’s true. One of the biggest reasons I love running is the scenery. Sure, I get to see my friends again, and I get the chance to run in beautiful fields. However, if you don’t enjoy your run, you won’t want to continue.

In addition to the scenery, you’ll also have some of the best running hills in the country. Try to find a route that includes hills. These hills provide you with another benefit as well. As you get tired running the flat stuff, you’ll find that hills will kick your butt into gear.

Of course, another great thing about training in Florida is that it’s not too hot or cold. Except when you’re running! And even then, it’s not always cold. Depending on where you run, you could be on a warm day, or a cool day. So, you never know.

And lastly, there is the community. I’m talking about the friendships you make while running. As you might have heard, Florida has a large population of retirees. These folks are constantly training with their doctors, running on treadmills at local gyms, and enjoying their retirement. They’ll give you advice and tips on anything.

I promise you that if you do everything I’ve mentioned here, you’ll have a more enjoyable Hal HODON half marathon training experience. Not to mention a faster, shinier run. Good luck, and stay hydrated.

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A Hal Hodson’s book – Training for Hal

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In Hal Hodson’s book “Training for Hal,” he discussed the importance of proper rest between races. During your first half marathon training race, you will not be in great shape. You may fall out of your starting line, or worse, cross the finish line with an illness. Your goal is not to try to win the race, but rather to find out how far you have come, and why you fell behind in the first place.

You may also experience more intense than normal jitters after a hard workout. If you experienced a hard workout in the first half marathon training, it can cause you to get up in the middle of the race and try to catch your breath. However, you do not want to run your second half marathon with that same level anxiety. That type of racing will put a strain on your body and could cause you to become ill.

Tips To Start

It is a good idea to start out slowly before you increase your pace. Your goal in the first half marathon training session is to have a good speed and efficiency in both the easy and the tough parts of the race. The next part of Hal’s Half Marathoning program is to maintain that speed and efficiency in the tougher sections of the race. By doing that, you will have a good chance of winning.


You should always take some breaks during your Half Marathon training sessions. The first thing you need to do is find some quiet, open space in your community. That way you can clear your head of all the voices and worries and just focus on your running. You need to be able to clear your mind and just focus on your breathing and your heart rate if you are going to do well in your Half Marathon. After that, you can come back to the marathon training and do your best. You might not win, but you can feel good about doing the best you can.

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