Marathon Advice And Tips

First Marathon Advice And Tips To Follow

For the marathon beginners, self-sabotage is the primary reason for mass destruction. Avoiding it is not so difficult, but it needs courage, self-esteem. You should be confident about your training and require proper planning. You are going to experience a new kind of adventure and join a group that will find and pushes you to your physical, mental and emotional boundaries. To make your first marathon memorable on a positive note, follow this first marathon advice.

List Of Common First Marathon Advice And Tips

Expectantly, it will help you to perform better. And you will take pleasure in it fully.

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First Marathon Advice And Tips To Follow

Run A Little Slow

The pace is more decisive than speed. To maintain the same pace throughout is what counts. Gain in a few seconds in the first half may cause a loss of minutes in the second half.

Different Run Lengths

Try different lengths run in a variety of speeds to make it more enjoyable. If you find the fun element in it, you will get motivated.

Increase The Length Gradually

Prepare yourself to more than 20 miles long run, preferably over several months. Try to add two-three miles per week.

Brick Session

Another first marathon advice includes working in ‘brick’ sessions if you don’t have enough time for gradual build-up. In ‘brick’ sessions, you have to run in two consecutive days, and the total is a marathon.

First Marathon Advice – Ideal Shoes

Rotate your shoes and try a few pairs to check which pair suits you to run at a faster pace. It will help you to choose the best pair for the race day, and you will get used to it. Since you will not be using it every day for practice, it will remain fresh on that special day too.

Proper Hydration

Take the best nutritional drink to keep you energized and hydrated. Check what electrolytes your training center will be providing. If that suits you, it’s fine. If not, find some alternate ways. You can carry your drink in that case.

First Marathon Advice – Fitness

It is vital for any sports. A healthy diet, sufficient rest, massage, ice, strong core is what you need to be fit and avoid injury. The shoes should match your running tempo, and of course, effective training will help you to reach your goal.

Don’t Wear Excessive Garments

A vest, arm-warmers, hat, and gloves are all you need. But some racers wear sweatshirts, a heavy jacket which makes you uncomfortable shortly. If you need any warm clothes, wear a hood attached top and take it off just before the start. Most of the training centers provide it to the candidates.

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First Marathon Advice And Tips To Follow

Since this is not your academic exam, reduce the duration of training and intensity ten days before the race. It will liberate the stress from your mind. You can start the race with a fresh mind and fit body.

Starting the race in a relaxed mood is extremely important. Your efficiency will speak to you. So, don’t waste your energy on unnecessary thoughts and pressure. So, plan how you will execute the race to finish at your level best.

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