Everything About Half Marathon Training Before Taking Part Into

half marathon training

Running needs no prior training but if you are planning to take part in the half marathon, then get ready to train. Half marathon training will improve your stamina and make your muscles stronger so that you sustain them till the end. It’s just 1.3 miles race that any intermediary runner can do easily with the right practice and training.

Even beginners can go for it if they know the right technique and train their bodies well. Here is everything that both beginner and intermediary should know for a half marathon.

Half Marathon Training

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Consistency is important to run longer in a marathon, and this would come with practice. Start with 5 miles per week and develop that stamina. Once you reach that point, increase miles and try to achieve it within a week.

Develop consistency within a set time but do not injure your body. Take rest in between as well because recovery is essential for better and faster improvement. And if you cannot run 5 miles a week, then at least run for half an hour to improve stamina. Build it gradually over time.

Week-Long Half Marathon Training Routine

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Once your body gains enough stamina, it’s time to get serious and train harder. Physical training is very important, and planning is even more crucial. If you have no trainer and are doing it on your own, then here is an overview of how your half marathon training should be. Have a look below.

Monday- Keep Monday for rest because rest is necessary to prevent further injury that can seriously hit back your routine.

Tuesdays- Start with warm-up and do it for your arms, legs, and back. Run slowly for the set mileage and stop when you feel exhausted. Return to normal pace slowly and then run for a few more miles without losing the tempo. Cooldown your body with stretching exercises. Repeat the same schedule on Thursdays as well.

Wednesdays- This is the day when you have to perform some cross-training exercises such as elliptical training, swimming, walking, and more. However, keep the pace moderate for half an hour. Be steady in practice, and soon, your endurance and stamina would get a boost up.

Fridays- This one is the same as Wednesdays, but you can take a rest on Friday as well if Thursday training was tough. Get refreshed and start fresh on Saturday.

Saturdays- Now go slow but farther. Set the goal longer and run at a slow pace without losing breath.

Sundays- Run short but easy so that all your muscles loosen up and get ready for next week’s training. Do some gentle stretching as well after the run.


The training goes smoothly when you follow all the running techniques and exercises. Also, wear comfortable shoes and running outfits so that you don’t have to stop because of outfits. In addition to this, focus on eating enough carbs to fuel your body.

Summing Up

Drink enough water to hydrate the body and recover the body after each marathon. This is how you will be ready for the final half marathon.

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