Marathon Training Plan

A good marathon training plan should match individual needs

A good marathon training plan should match individual needs and goals. And do you think you require a professional mentor or a running coach to set such a plan? I don’t think so. If you are just a beginner, you don’t need to spend a few bucks on finding a running expert and follow him. But yes, at a later stage when you want to be a professional marathon runner or win the race, you might need a coach to set your marathon training plan.

Does it make sense that you are running just for fun like few other participants and spend money on hiring a professional marathon trainer? Of course, not! At stating level, it is good enough to make a personalized marathon training plan and follow the same.

So, if you choose not to hire a professional trainer, then how will you prepare a plan that helps you in smooth running like a professional? Here is the guide that will help you at the initial stages of running and setting a good running plan:

A good marathon training plan should match individual needs
Do You Need Coach To Set A Marathon Training Plan?

Read Some Good Training Book

There are various books available in the market on marathon running. But you do need to select the best and follow that only. If you will open plenty of books, you will get confused and also, it will kill your precious time. However, it is advised to pick at least two or three books in order to find a suitable one.

Of course, books can’t guide you as much as a live trainer does. That’s why you should choose a book which has a pictorial presentation. The pictures will help in setting the posture and position of the leg while running.

Do You Need Coach To Set A Marathon Training Plan?

Online Marathon Training Plan videos

If you are not a book lover and find it cumbersome to read a book and follow containing instructions, you should choose online marathon training plan videos. You will find various forums and communities where you can discuss your running problems and get answered.

There are various channels that provide free videos to set a perfect running plan. So, you can make video makes your coach. But you should check the credibility of the source and the plan they tell you. It is not necessary to follow a particular channel only. The more you will research, the better your running knowledge will be. Once you collect all, you can be your own coach. So, you will not require any other running expert to teach you.

Track Your Progress

When you don’t have any coach, you feel free. You don’t feel responsible or answerable to anybody. But this is not the right approach. You should be responsible for you and your plan. That’s why you should answer yourself.

You should track your progress and know how good you are doing. When you will track progress, you will realize if your current plan requires modifications or not. Review your plan periodically.

And still, if you feel that you are not doing well, you can find a running expert to teach you.

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