Different Types of iPhone Running Belts

Iphone Running Belt

Meta Description: Are you looking for a neat and spacious iPhone running belt to contain your phone and other accessories? Here we have a list of the best iPhone running belts.

It is a common sight seeing someone struggling to fit in their keys, gels and iPhone into their pockets before they start with their running. But, you also need these accessories and cannot keep them at home. A running belt is a cool belt designed that can easily contain your iPhone and other accessories without moving or chafing. Here are three of the best belts, but before that, let us take a look at some important features.

What to Look for in an iPhone Running Belt?

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The right size is crucial. You need to take note of all your accessories you plan to carry while running. Is your belt spacious enough to contain all these? Look for a size that is big enough to comfortably fit your phone, gel and other accessories. Look for a belt that can be easily tightened on your waist so that it does not move when you run.

The weight of your belt should be negligible. You obviously do not want to run around carrying extra weight on your tummy. If you are planning to wear your belt for a long distance, then you need a lightweight belt.

It should be easily accessible. Do not fall prey to belts that cannot be easily unzipped or zipped up. It will stop your motion and also add distraction. Look for one that comes with extra loops on the waistband.

If you need to carry water, a good iphone running belt should be able to contain your small water bottle as well. This can be really handy for long-distance runners.

Best iPhone Running Belts

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Osprey Duro Solo Unisex Running Hydration Belt

This belt from Osprey is a great belt with oodles of expertise and functionality. It is lightweight and also quite durable. The belt is also water-resistant and quick-drying. The belt has an easy angle to store your bottle, so that it does not poke you while running. It also comes with an elastic loop that fits on the mouth of the bottle and keeps it firmly in place while running. The storage compartment comes with a touch-screen window that can help you control your tunes while running so that you need not remove your phone out to adjust your music.

Flipbelt Classic Premium Running Belt

This belt from Amazon is quite popular amongst runners. It has multiple access points and a non-bounce design which makes it sit flat against the stomach. You get this one in a variety of shades and sizes.

Ultimate Performance Titan Runners Pack

This iPhone running belt is the ultimate performance belt. It is available in just one adjustable size that can fit almost everyone. It is an excellent budget-friendly belt and good enough for beginners. It is light-weight, durable and weather-resistant. Those using full wired headphones get access to a handy port for you to slip your wire through. The front of the belt offers improved visibility for darker areas.

End Note

These are some of the best iPhone running belts you should buy.

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