Become A Speedrunner: Important Tips You Should Know

Become A Speedrunner: Important Tips You Should Know

In order to become a speedrunner, you need to go through the most effective marathon speedrun training. You have to be able to improve your skills at speed as well as improve your techniques for doing it. This article will provide some valuable tips to help you improve your speed as a runner.

Be Organized

This means having a clear understanding of the game and of the time that you will have for every game. Make sure that you have a list of every game that you are running. This can help you in improving your time and will keep you from being late to a race. You can also easily record the times that you manage to get yourself for each game. You will know if you are getting any faster or not.

Get the proper gear that will allow you to run fast. If you are not equipped with the right ones, then you will end up running slow and with low time. It is very important that you will have good and efficient running gear, as you might think.

Become A Speedrunner: Important Tips You Should Know
Become A Speedrunner: Important Tips You Should Know

You can’t expect to get better without giving yourself some risk. Just like there are injuries and risks involved with any sport, there are also risks involved with speedrunning. It’s inevitable that you will get injuries and even suffer from it. To reduce these risks, you can always wear clothing and shoes that will absorb the shock.

Minimize Stress

You will experience great strain when running in a race, especially when you are doing a long one. You will be able to do well if you are given a break and if you will manage your stress properly. Try to relax and this will help you to reduce your stress levels. It will allow you to focus on other things.

Before playing a game, you should think of it as slow-paced running and try to run it very slowly. Running fast will only waste time and it will also make you run slower than the game itself. Instead, you can try to run slow and as if you are getting tired of running so that you will be able to improve your running speed.

As much as possible, try to have a route that will not just help you to gain time but also give you some tips as well. You can do some route experimentation and try to see what route will help you gain more time or what route will help you avoid being too slow. Make sure that you test all of your options so that you will not be leaving out any method that you can use.

Become A Speedrunner: Important Tips You Should Know
Become A Speedrunner: Important Tips You Should Know

Go Slow

Don’t go too fast. Trying to go fast is actually useless as it can only waste your time. Just try to go as slow as you can while still being able to run fast.

Uses your tracksuits during games. You can use your tracksuits to improve your speed. The tracksuits will allow you to make your legs lighter. They will also allow you to achieve a better rate of speed.

Make sure that you change your body as well as equipment. You can use water to make your legs lighter. It will also make your arms lighter to improve your sprinting power.

Bottom Line

Last but not least, take rest. Speedrun training requires your full attention to the game and to yourself. You will get tired quickly and you will also feel sick, so you have to make sure that you don’t neglect the game. Take rest as often as you can, but try to make it less often so that you will be able to adjust your pace for each game.

These are some of the most important tips for speeding up your marathon speedrun training. You will find them very useful in becoming a better speedrunner.

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