Basic Details About Trail Running For Beginners

Trail Running

Before discussing about trail running, let’s first understand what a trail is. It’s a beaten path through the countryside which can include a cross country trail or a hilly or mountainous trail through steep terrains. Trail running has become a popular type of outdoor exercise activity which involves running generally on a steep and hilly terrain combining running with hiking. The pathway chosen for running is usually a mountain trail with uneven and hilly surface. Many people enjoy this type of exercise in the natural and fresh countryside and mountainside environment.

Here are some of the basic details about trail running for beginners:

Wear Comfortable Clothes

It is a great sport as it does not require a lot of equipment. Just wearing normal gym wear clothes that are flexible and comfortable is a good choice for trail running. Trail running can be done wearing normal road running shoes, but it is a good idea to choose trail running shoes. These shoes have thicker midsoles for protection of feet and treads on the outsoles to get extra grip.

Carrying Personal Items

Basic Details about Trail Running For Beginners
Basic Details about Trail Running For Beginners

It is always a good idea to carry food and water for the trail running sessions, especially for long distances. Food and water can be carried in waist packs and backpacks that are light and easy to carry. Also, carrying a pair of clothes for changing is a good idea for long distance mountain trails.

The Technique

There are many small techniques that should be mastered by beginners before they choose difficult trails in trail running. This includes shortening stride lengths, looking a few meters forward so that they can spot obstacles, and walking through difficult parts of the trail is a good idea. Relaxing for sometime before turning back to come back running from the trail is important to keep the body relaxed and to regain the strength.

Types of Trails

There are many different types of trails that are chosen while opting for this exercise. Park trails in local countryside parks and national parks are very popular in trail running. Sometimes people drive outside the city and choose the countryside gravel roads so that they can conduct a trail running session in the countryside. Hiking trails are more difficult trails that are conducted on hilly terrains and in the mountainous regions.


Basic Details about Trail Running For Beginners
Basic Details about Trail Running For Beginners

There are many trail running races all over the world especially in the West. Nowadays, however, it has grabbed a lot of attention. There are major trail running races in Africa, Asia, Europe, United States, and Oceania. Usually, for exercise, small groups go for trail runs and for races, a large number of participants can run together. There are annual world championships for trail running which is very popular with outdoor sports enthusiasts and people who follow this sport.

It is a popular sport and it is a great form of exercise. This is a good way to connect with nature and also get full body exercise done in a way that is much more fun and interesting than simply visiting a gym.

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