Barefoot Running Shoes – A Perfect Option For Many Runners

barefoot running shoes

Barefoot Running Shoes, sometimes called minimalist running shoes, was originally developed for professional runners who wanted a great minimalist feel when they ran barefoot. These specialized shoes are designed specifically for those who run barefoot for training or racing. Today, they have become very popular among competitive runners. Barefoot running provides a number of advantages.

An Overview

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For the people who are into sports and love to run, barefoot running shoes provide more cushioning than regular sneakers. They are flexible so that your feet can move comfortably, have room for your toes to spread and provide complete barefoot feeling. However, in general the barefoot running shoes is regarded as a high cadenced, short step, and a forward landing, where you land softly on the outside of the foot (forefoot). This makes it a little difficult for your heel to touch the ground, which causes stress on the front of the knee and can cause problems such as shin splints. Thus, if you are into sports and love to run, but you want to minimize injuries, then wearing barefoot sneakers is a great option.

Apart from providing a barefoot feel, barefoot running shoes also offer excellent arch support. The arch supports that are included in the shoe are made from either metal or plastic. In barefoot shoes, the arch support is made by a solid bar inside the shoe, which is supported by a plate inside the shoe. This provides a smooth transition from heel to toe while you are stepping. This is done by the weight of your body, which keeps your arch stable, as you do your running.

Know Comfort

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A major problem that runners face is that sometimes, the front part of the shoe starts to wear off. This happens due to the stress on the front of the shoe, caused by the excessive running, or even just walking. To counter this problem, manufacturers have included extra pads, inside the shoe. These pads are usually placed under the toes. Another method used is to place the arch supports directly underneath the front of the shoe. Both these methods are effective and can be used effectively.

A major concern that people face when using barefoot running shoes is the tendency to pronate. This is where your foot rolls inward as you run, causing the front of the shoe to come into contact with the ground. You may also experience a forward curve in your stride, due to uneven foot pronation. This will cause you to lose ground constantly and may result in flat feet. To counter this, the majority of barefoot shoes feature an arch support, which allows for the natural movement of the foot as you run. By keeping your foot rolling in and not inward, you will feel more secure and will not suffer from under-pronation.

Major Tip

The last issue to take care of is proper shock absorption. Running is a lot harder on your body than walking. You will find that your entire body feels it when running, even though you may be wearing the most comfortable shoes. A good way to combat this is to make sure that your shoes provide proper shock absorption. Look for shoes that have the shock-absorbing technology in the sole.

The last issue that should be taken into consideration when choosing barefoot running shoes, is the need for minimal cushioning. Cushioning in your shoes is important, but it is not the only thing that matters. Your entire body needs to work hard to stay in control, and cushioning will help you do this. For barefoot running shoes, I highly recommend that you find a pair that features minimal cushioning. This will give you the stability and support that you need without sacrificing your cushioning.


Barefoot running shoes are the perfect choice for many runners. They offer you the flexibility of having a true barefoot feel, while still receiving all of the benefits of cushioning and support. You can run with minimal stress on your joints by choosing minimalist shoes. With a little bit of research, you can find great minimalist shoes, as well as great deals on them. Cushioned shoe reviews can help you find the best minimalist shoes for your needs. Find great deals on barefoot running shoes online and start enjoying the benefits that minimalist shoes offer.

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