Asics Water Bottle Running Belt: Popular Alternative to Other Brands

water bottle running belt

The Asics Running Belt is an innovation in sports apparel. Incorporating a durable stretch band construction for an optimal fit, the Asics Water Bottle Running Belt can safely hold a pair of 500ml bottles delivering sufficient hydration for a long run. The specially designed belt provides a comfortable, breathable cushioning constructed from highly ventilating high-density polyethene air mesh fabric, offering a cooling and soft feel. These bottles have been approved for use in all competitive endurance events. The belt has an adjustable buckle which allows for a snug fit and prevents slippage.

Water Bottle Running Belt

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The Asics Water Bottle Running Belt has features ideal for any distance athlete. A specially designed water bottle pockets neatly behind the seat while the water bottle itself is held securely in place by a curved Velcro strap. The adjustable buckle strap prevents it from slipping, even when worn tightly. A separate water bottle pocket on the side enables an individual to carry their water bottle along as they run.

The Asics Water Bottle Running Belt is available in two sizes. The larger size of the belt allows an individual to run more efficiently. With a larger bottle capacity, the runner can enjoy a long-distance run. A high-tech Phylon midsole and leather laces provide the ultimate comfort and durability. For added convenience, an extra bottle pocket is included, which can accommodate a number of other sports bottles. Additionally, the Asics running shoes are designed to meet the needs of runners who perform on an alternating running gait.


If an individual performs interval or speed training, this belt may be used to improve efficiency. The unique design provides a snug fit, so the water bottle does not slip out of the shoes. Additionally, the Asics exclusive Multi-Directional Stability Maticke midsole cushion allows optimum shock absorption. The mesh and leather laces are also designed to dissipate heat away from the feet. Finally, an internal mesh ventilation port allows a constant stream of fresh air to pass through the shoes.

This innovative water bottle offers many benefits to runners. A water bottle is lighter than the traditional hydration pack. Also, it may increase the runner’s efficiency since it requires little effort to push or pull it along. As a result, it will not strain muscles or cause blisters. In addition, it reduces the chance of spillovers. The included harness holds the water bottle securely in place.

Benefits Of Water Bottle Running Belt

For individuals who enjoy long-distance running or who compete in competitive sports, it is imperative to have a water bottle that functions efficiently and is easy to replace. The Asics Running Belt is perfect for runners who run on hard surfaces. Since it is lightweight and suits most styles of running shoes, it is a wonderful option for all types of runners.

Another benefit of the Asics water bottle running belt is the ease of changing out the level of water. Most runners accumulate a lot of weight after a run because they frequently drink water to replenish themselves. However, running with a full water bottle can lead to nausea, dehydration and muscle cramps. By changing out the water bottle on a regular basis, runners can avoid these problems.

Bottom Line

Although the Asics water bottle running belt is a great choice for runners, it is not the only type of support you should use when you are running. Using proper running shoes, arch supports, and stability devices will ensure you get the most enjoyment out of each workout. However, there are some tasks that cannot be helped, and a water bottle is an excellent choice. If you enjoy drinking plain water or other powders while working out, this is the product for you.

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