All You Need To Know About Marathon Training Plans

marathon trainings plan

Marathons are a great way to get some exercise and also win something. But you can only perform well in marathons if you train hard for it. There are many marathon training plans that you can find but you need to figure out the best marathon training plans for you. You must put in effort and time so that you can achieve the results and make the most of them. This will help you get to the finish line at the fastest pace and win the award.

How Long Does The Training Take?

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Most of the training plans for marathons are about 16-20 weeks long. In the plans you have to run about three to five times a week so that you can prepare for the marathon. You have to increase your mileage when the day of the marathon is near. You also have to cross train, do some yoga and other light intensity exercises, pilates, and you have to take some rest so that your legs can recover from all the running that they do on the other days. It is important that you give your legs the time that they need otherwise they will become tired on the actual day of the marathon which will not be good at all.

Which Plans Are Good For Beginners?

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If you have just begun your training, you should focus on a plan that helps you cover the whole course. You do not have to worry about the time in the initial levels of your training. If you have already run a few races you must get a plan that helps you cover the distance in a limited amount of time. There are many plans that you can purchase but you have to see which one suits your current speed and your goal and then set the plan according to that.

What If I Miss Some Days Of Training?

There is no doubt that you will be able to finish your marathon training schedule without taking some time off due to some injuries or illnesses. But, if you have taken more than four weeks off then it is advised that you postpone your marathon to the next one as you have not trained well enough for this one. If you have missed just two weeks or three at the most then you still have time to make up for the lost one and you can work hard and still prepare to run the marathon and win it. If you are returning from an injury then build your stamina slowly and increase the time of your training gradually otherwise your body will not be able to take it and you will not be able to to complete the marathon on time.


Running a marathon is easy if you have the right training plan but the plan depends upon what your requirements are and what kind of marathon you are planning to run. It is important that you take rest and enjoy the training session so that you can make the most of the marathon.

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