Advantages of running games

running games

Running games is a kind of sport in which the player travels a certain distance in a determined time. The main challenge in this activity is to move as quickly as possible for a short or long distance while keeping good technique and proper recovery between races. At first running, games could be found only in big cities, but now it has spread to all countries and become a common sport in schools or parks. It is also called jogging because it allows us to train the muscles of the upper limbs without using too much energy.

The benefits of this sport are endless;

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1- It helps us to have a good physical condition

2- It allows us to lose weight. Many people want to lose weight but they don’t do it because they prefer doing exercises that are boring or too complex, which is not the case with running games because you can play with your friends and have fun during all the races. Also if you are with someone who is faster than you, they can carry a backpack where you can put weights or any other object to make the game more difficult and help you improve your speed.

3- It is very useful for pregnant women; it allows them to practice a sport without straining themselves too much while avoiding getting overweight.

4- If players practice it during their childhood, they will have a great advantage at school and in other sports because it allows them to be more agile and this is especially useful when playing any kind of ball sport.

5- It helps us improve our breathing. In running games, we have to control our breathing as much as possible, which facilitates that those who practice it become calmer and learn to control their nervousness, which is very useful in other types of sports like soccer for example.

6- It helps us improve our coordination and equilibrium capacity because we have to keep our body straight all the time while practicing running games so as not to fall or break our ankles. This improves balance and coordination which makes us improve in other sports as well.

7- In-running games the main muscle that is worked on is the calf, which means it allows us to improve our legs and feet capacity. If we have strong feet and calves it will be easier to run or walk without getting tired at once, this allows us for example not to get left behind when going up the stairs.

8- If you practice this sport your reaction times will improve and it will be easier for you to react quickly in different situations.

9- It is a very entertaining sport because it has many variants so you can play whatever game you want, whether it is indoors or outdoors, with one person or more. So if someone is bored they can go to the nearest field and play with their friends so they have a good time together.

10- This is an ideal sport for people who are lazy because it doesn’t require much effort, once you get in the race your breathing regulates itself so running games don’t require much energy.

11- You can practice it anytime in any place, in contrast to other sports that need special rooms or places where you can practice them. Running games are usually practiced in big open areas so you can play with people from your neighborhood.

12- It is a sport for people of all ages without age limits because it allows grandma’s and grandpa to spend quality time together while running in a race.

13- It is a sport that improves self-esteem and self-confidence, when you reach the finish line after winning a race against others it allows you to be proud of yourself and not regret the effort you made.

14- And lastly it is an ideal sport for everyone because all you need to practice it is a pair of running shoes, shorts, and a t-shirt.

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