A Review of Hoka Running Shoes

hoka running shoes

If you’re looking for a high performance running shoe with great shock absorption and cushioning, then HOKA running shoes might just be the shoe for you. For over 20 years, HOKA running shoes have won more than a dozen renowned awards including the Boston Marathon. HOKA was founded by two professional runners, who were tired of being disappointed by the lack of support in the running shoes they were buying every time they went out for a run. So they decided to take matters into their own hands and develop a better shoe. They called it HOKA because they wanted to “oke” people.

An Overview

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In recent years, HOKA running shoes have won more hearts than any other shoe manufacturer. This is primarily due to their unique cushioning system. Unlike many shoes, they don’t just give you the standard gel cushioning, but they go all out and use a special foam and polyurethane technology that helps wick away sweat, and absorbs shock energy so that your feet stay comfortable for much longer. This is accomplished by creating a mesh-like material that is breathable yet insulating. To top it off, the shoe’s unique air-bag suspension system helps carry any excessive moisture away from your feet.

A major reason why hoka running shoes are so popular is because they come in two distinctly different models. There are the Shoe Design Flex, which are a midsize model, and the Shoe Motion Buckle, which are a durable reinforced leather upper. You can even buy the shoe with a half-length motion sensor built right into the middle.

Major Differences

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There are several major differences between the host running shoes and the Clifton. One of the biggest differences is the weight of the shoe. The hoka one weighs about five ounces, while the Clifton weigh almost seven ounces. The difference in weight may not seem like a lot, but when you’re walking, the difference becomes noticeable. It doesn’t take long to appreciate that the shoe takes longer to get used to after you’ve spent an hour or two wearing them. This makes it easier for you to adjust to your new shoe.

Another feature of the home one is that they use a special anodized to enhance the amount of cushioning. When combined with the superior cushioning, this feature allows the arch to run faster and harder than many other running shoes. This benefit is especially helpful for those who do most of their trail running and long distance running on tough terrain. If you’re looking for a great all around shoe that has maximum cushioning, then you won’t go wrong with the hot one.

Awesome Features

The hoka shoes also contain an advanced midsole and an outsole that are made of breathable, waterproof materials. Most runners complain about their shoes becoming wet while running due to sweat getting trapped in the shoe. However, the arch wicking panel draws perspiration away from the skin, where it’s easily removed. Because of this, perspiration doesn’t build up and stay in the shoe, which prevents the shoe from becoming too wet. Breathable mesh fabrics make up the outcomes and early-stage outcomes, which help keep moisture away from the feet while running.

As a final note, many of the shoes by Hoka have a special support system built into the midsole. This system uses EVA for its support, which means the shoes are more durable and will last longer. The speedboat 4 is no exception, as the shoes are constructed with polyurethane outsoles and midsole extensions that stabilize the foot and provide extra shock absorption throughout your run.


Of all the types of Hoka running shoes, the speedboat 4 is the least overprinted. Most runners who wear these shoes report that they’re extremely comfortable and the extra stability helps to reduce any unwanted side-to-side movement. It also helps to prevent overpronation. Some runners complain about the tendency of the rear foot to slide forward, resulting in a loss of forward momentum and causing the runner to coast or run in an over-slung fashion. However, since the stability shoe goes through such extensive testing, it can usually adjust to your individual foot type and reduce undesirable side-to-side movement.

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