7 Things That Helped Me To Stop Hating Running And Actually Starting To Enjoy It – Tip 6 Is Very Motivating

Running isn’t exactly fun. It requires consistency and a lot of energy before you get to enjoy it. Most people drop out of their running habits before they got to enjoy them. To help you like running, here are some things that you can do. These things have helped me actually enjoy running.

Determine Your Why

This is basically identifying the reasons why you’re even running in the first place. This is the motivation and driving force as to why you even tried it out. There are many possible reasons as to why you’d want to run. It could be as simple as wanting to have better resistance after climbing a flight of stairs. It could also be something much long-term like wanting to look better and become healthier in the long run. Knowing the reason helps motivate you to keep running. This also creates more positive impacts on your life.

A person jumping in the air

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