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Misconceptions of Marathon

3 Most Common Misconceptions of A Marathon Runner

If you are a first-time runner and you start with the marathon, you may find it tough. This is something you asked a nursery boy to crack the exam of 10th standard. So, if you will go step by step, it will be easy to become a marathon runner. And for this, you should race half-marathon or a smaller race firstly.

People who didn’t run yet a marathon think that being a marathon runner is a really big challenge. There are lots of myths and misconception about practicing and running a marathon.

1. You Will Have To Run, Run, And Run.

3 Most Common Misconceptions of A Marathon Runner

3 Most Common Misconceptions of A Marathon Runner

Marathon is all about running. Is it what you think? Well, you are not the one; many people consider that a marathon runner will have to run whole time in a marathon. But this is not true. All participants of marathons are allowed to walk and run slow if they want. Only professional runners run such long.

In fact, the marathon aspirants do not run continuously because it may harm result in injuries. No doubt, you will have to practice running to be a true marathon runner. But you can reduce your miles for giving rest to your body. It’s okay not to be fast and smooth every time you run.

2. You Will Have To Lose Weight.

Running has a direct relation with your health. And you may have studied various researches on how running helps in losing weight. But do really marathon running helps in losing weight? Well, there is a probability that you will lose weight when you practice and run like a marathon runner. But it varies from person to person and the diet you intake because long runs trigger appetite.

Other than this, you may also have heard that if you want to run a marathon, you will have to maintain your body weight and lose your weight if you are obese. Let me clear it. You can run a marathon even if you are fatty or having excess weight. However, it is good if you manage your body weight according to the requirements of a marathon. But it is not necessary that you should have an optimal body weight in any case.

3 Most Common Misconceptions of A Marathon Runner
3 Most Common Misconceptions of A Marathon Runner

3. You will Get Injured.

The most excuses people give to avoid running is that they don’t have time and there are likely chances to get injured. But the truth is far away.

Running makes your body flexible. And the flexible bodies don’t get injured easily because the bones and muscles become more adjustable. For sure, you will experience aches and pains when you will start running. But getting injured is different from having muscles’ pain.

However, if you run long in the very beginning, you may have few common injuries like a sprain in the leg, shin splints, etc. Before running a marathon, you should have practice running. And if you have not, I think you won’t be able to complete the marathon distance.

So, keep your mind free from myths and don’t give excuses. To get the rewarding experience of completing a marathon and become a star marathon runner, start running today.

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