12 Week Marathon Training Plan To Promote Recovery

12 week marathon training plan

A 12 week marathon training schedule is the essential things required for a complete marathon preparation. Without proper preparation, it will be hard to get the results. Apart from this, there are so many questions you should take for marathon preparation. Does the marathon helps to fit your body into your personal life? Do you require to make few changes into your daily schedule? If you are understand all these things, you will make the proper strategy to fulfilling and rewarding experience. 

Meanwhile, here are much more for you to determine before starting marathon preparation. 

Advantages Of A 12 Week Schedule

Marathon Training

The key advantages of choosing marathon schedule is that it reduce your commitment time. If you have 2 to 5 years’ experience, you may be good to go with short time training schedule. Although, remember one thing that you should not run full time. 

This strategy is planned to help you achieve a solid results in 12 weeks. It contains 4+ run exercises every week with some cross-training workouts. Its run range will be 20-90 minutes approximately. 

Your Weekly Schedule

Marathon Training

Your week is divided into different workouts such as:

• Monday –cross or Rest training

• Tuesday – Track speed workouts

• Wednesday – Easy runs

• Thursday – “Strength Runs” –Pace, Tempo Runs, or Hills

• Friday – Rest

• Saturday – Long runs

• Sunday – Easy runs

Workout Descriptions

In the below section, we have mentioned some intermediate level training so you will understand how to do each session:

Cross Training Workouts – 

Cross training should be include low impact or low intensity workouts including swimming, easy cycling, or gentle yoga, to promote recovery.

EZ Runs –

As its sounds, the EX runs should be comfortably and easy paced. Its target to complete them in 50-80 seconds slower than your marathon pace. This simple exercise are important to training adaptation and promote recovery.

Pace Runs – 

Pace runes should be completed at your goal pace and should begin with 15 minutes to warm up and along with 15 minutes to cool down. 

Tempo Runs – 

Tempo runes should be completed around 25 seconds faster than marathon pace and should begin with 13-15 minutes of running to warm up. 

Hill Repeats – 

Firstly, warm up of 13-15 minutes, then run up a 60 seconds on hill, run back down, run for easy 2-3 minutes. And this practice is rep. repeated as per your schedule. 

Track Workouts – 

For Tuesday exercises, you will notice some various connotations listed precise to these runs, such as:

• 5K Pace = recent 5K race pace

• HM Pace = recent 13.1 race pace

• Descend = start easy and get faster each rep

• Mile Pace = pace from a recent mile time trial

• 10K Pace = recent 10K race pace

• R = Rest interval

Remember, your Tuesday and Thursday workouts (strength run – tempo, pace, hills) should start with 13-15 minutes of running to warm up. Plus, stretch after runs.

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