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Origin Of Half Marathon

A half marathon is a road race measuring 13.1094 miles or 21.0975km. It is exactly half the distance of a full marathon race.

Marathon Training Plan

A good marathon training plan should match individual needs and goals. And do you think you require a professional mentor or a running coach to set such a plan? I don’t think so

Facts About Marathon

As the marathon is being one of the most popular athletics, almost all of you may have heard about Marathon Sports, training, benefits, and its adventures. But a very few of you may aware of its history and its legends.

Misconceptions of Marathon

If you are a first-time runner and you start with the marathon, you may find it tough. This is something you asked a nursery boy to crack the exam of 10th standard. So, if you will go step by step, it will be easy to become a marathon…

How Long Is Marathon

When you think about running, a marathon is one of the first things that pop up in the mind. How long is a marathon, do you know? It is easy to say that you will run a marathon, but hard to fulfill the commitment because it is tougher…

Mental Challenges Of Running

Do you think being physically fit is enough to run a marathon? No, a marathon tests your mental fitness and strength too.

Tips and Advice

Coach For Marathon Training?

A good mentor shapes a good future. If you fail to have a good mentor, you are keeping your success at risk. Hiring a marathon training coach is not rocket science. However, it requires a little research.